Letters to the editor

Oct. 14, 2013 @ 04:35 PM

Moving on amicably

Ray Gronberg is an excellent reporter, and he ferreted out an email I sent to a City Council colleague about the upcoming appointment to the Durham Housing Authority board.

Ray covered this with his usual thoroughness, and he is right in reporting I think we need board members who have strong qualifications in development, management, finance or certain areas of the law to oversee this critical organization. DHA houses or offers federal housing vouchers to 12,000 Durham residents and has a budget of more than $30 million annually. We need an extremely strong board of directors to support director Dallas Parks in his excellent management of DHA.

I felt we needed new applicants for this post, so I voted to re-open the city council’s application process. As for the applicant mentioned in Ray’s article, Lanea Foster is an energetic, committed community activist, and I like her very much and respect her.

As for my relationship with Mayor Pro Tem Cora Cole-McFadden, a superb public servant, Ray implied a division between us where there is none. Cora and I are close friends and colleagues. I have supported her in every way I can for years, and she has offered me that same kind of support and mentorship since I came on the council two years ago. We have occasional disagreements, as all council members do, and then we move on amicably to the next issue. That’s the way we do it on the Durham City Council, and it serves us well.

Steve Schewel

Member, Durham City Council

Why do we suffer?

Republicans are chided to stop trying to defund Obamacare -- “it’s the law-of-the-land.”  Yet President Obama lawlessly ignores whatever part he chooses -- providing exemptions, insurance premium subsidies and selective enforcement for key supporters.  Also, since the Supreme Court ruled Obamacare a tax, this unlawfully pardons handpicked supporters from paying a tax.

House Republicans see all this corruption and faithlessness by Obama in his own law plus the nightmare prospects of a profoundly corrupted Democrat-run IRS managing Obamacare and defund it, but pass a plethora of bills to keep our government running.  Senate Democrats, wallowing in Obama’s bribes, defeat all Republican attempts and shut government down anyway but the debased Democrat-owned media deceitfully blames Republicans.

Democrat mismanagement is notorious.  Congressional conservatives see the coming national catastrophe associated with the  double whammy of  the  growing list of approaching bankruptcies which includes Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mack, even the post office and now the backbreaker of all unfunded entitlements, Obamacare; and the crippling economic chokehold Obamacare places on America’s businesses and associated tax revenue.

Since Democrats won Congress in 2007 and subsequently the Senate and Presidency, America has lost 8 million jobs and their enormous tax revenue.  Also lost was a mountain of family nest-eggs.    “Stimulus” money was consumed mostly by Obama’s supporters while poverty and food-stamps remain at all-time highs.  Whose fault is it that we suffer -- corrupted Obama and his radical Democrat socialist buddies or the media-deceived shallow thinking people who continue to support them?

Arrington Hicks


Double shot of climate-change propaganda

We recently got two editorials to end the debate about global warming.  Well, there are several problems with that belief.

Monthly NASA surface temperatures have been level for the past 15 years.  Since global warming has not occurred, some clever climatistas came up with “climate change,” a potential Nobel-prize slogan, so that too cold, too hot, too wet, too dry, high oceans, low oceans, etc. can support their funding. 

The United Nations-supported IPCC statement is laughable about their 95 percent certainty humans are causing climate change. What statistical tool did they use to come up with that?  These “expert” panels are typically like-minded individuals who form “consensus” conclusions.  Ignoring the more reliable recent temperature non-increases, climatistas put faith in global temperature guesses from 50 years ago and beyond.  They struggle to explain no correlation between the increasing atmospheric CO2 levels and global temperatures which have remained steady.  The effect of the most evil “greenhouse” gas, water vapor, is often ignored.  If oceans acting as a sink for CO2 and heat will soon become saturated and doom us, the oceans should have been even more effective in preventing temperature rises 80 years ago.

Eugene Robinson stated “atmospheric science is difficult because there are so many variables.”  Amen, bro.  Imagine the hysteria spewed by climatistas and Hollywood elites if temps had actually risen over the past 15 years?  We should make prudent strides to limit CO2 production and pollution.  However, today’s climatologists are so agenda-driven I have no faith in their objectivity.   

John G. Toffaletti