Letters to the editor

Oct. 11, 2013 @ 04:34 PM

Using deadly force

Deadly force is the use of physical force under the circumstances in which it is used, capable of causing death or serious bodily harm. The use of deadly force is generally illegal unless it meets four requirements: self -defense, defense of a third person, law enforcement or crime prevention.

There have been some highly publicized cases involving deadly force recently in Durham. Recently, Derek Deandre Walker was killed by police after threatening suicide downtown. This apparently took place after aiming a gun at police and residents in the area. This case posed a cry for help just like the one involving the former Florida A&M football player in Charlotte but definitely composed of different circumstances. 

Let's get one thing clear. Everything is not always about race in these situations. Many times it is what you are taught and obligated to do, versus where to shoot in a matter of a split second. Once a person points a gun at another that defines simple assault and an immediate threat. Therefore, this gives police the right to use deadly force, as well as any other citizen who feels that threat is intended for them. 

Many suicide and homicide cases are linked to the number-one mental disorder in America, depression. Before being quick to critique others actions, we need to make sure we are helping one another while opportunity exists.    

Kim D. Brummell



Come to poetry festival

I would like to invite everyone to come celebrate poetry at the West End Poetry Festival Friday from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Flyleaf Books and Oct. 19 from noon to 8:30 p.m. at the Carrboro Century Center. This event features an impressive lineup of diverse poets who write in a many different styles. Even if you think poetry is not for you, come sample a few poems. You are likely to be pleasantly surprised. Refreshments will be served at both events.

Saturday’s event also features many well-known poets. Gabrielle Calvocoressi will be leading a poetry workshop and will be our featured poet on Saturday evening. Gabrielle Calvocoressi, whose most recent book, “Apocalyptic Swing,” was a finalist for The Los Angeles Times Book Award, will lead a poetry workshop and be the featured poet Saturday evening. She's a talented poet and essayist who just this fall joined the creative writing faculty at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as the Walker Percy Fellow in Poetry. Also reading Saturday night is Celisa Steele, Carrboro’s new poet laureate. Celisa has already won many poetry awards and both of these poets are inspiring and engaging readers. For information about the festival, please go to http://www.westendpoetryfestival.com/.

This event is free to the public. The Carrboro Music Festival is history and the film festival is not until November. October is the month for poetry. We are very excited about the festival and look forward to seeing you there.

Susan Spalt

Carrboro Poets Council


Double shot of climate change propaganda

We recently got two editorials (Oct. 2 Herald-Sun) to end the debate about global warming. Well, there are several problems with that belief. The monthly NASA surface temperatures have been level for the past 15 years. Since global warming has not occurred, some clever climatistas came up with “climate change,” a potential Nobel Prize slogan, so that too cold, too hot, too wet, too dry, high oceans, low oceans, etc., can support their funding. 

The UN-supported IPCC statement is laughable about its 95 percent certainty that humans are causing climate change. What statistical tool did it use to come up with that?  These “expert” panels are typically like-minded individuals who form “consensus” conclusions. Ignoring the more reliable recent temperature non-increases, climatistas put faith in global temperature guesses from 50 years ago and beyond. They struggle to explain that no correlation exists between the increasing atmospheric CO2 levels and global temperatures which have remained steady. The effect of the most evil “greenhouse” gas, water vapor, is often ignored. If oceans acting as a sink for CO2 and heat will soon become saturated and doom us, the oceans should have been even more effective in preventing temp rises 80 years ago.

Eugene Robinson stated that “atmospheric science is difficult because there are so many variables.” Amen bro. Imagine the hysteria spewed by climatistas and Hollywood elites if temps had actually risen over the past 15 years? We should make prudent strides to limit CO2 production and pollution. However, today’s climatologists are so agenda driven that I have no faith in their objectivity.   

John G. Toffaletti