Letters to the editor

Jul. 26, 2013 @ 06:36 PM

Take care of Americans first
We still have stubbornly high unemployment in North Carolina and in the United States as a whole.  Yet Congress is not loosening the purse strings to fund sorely needed maintenance of our infrastructure such as roads, bridges and schools. 
Funding infra-structure projects will put people back to work and rebuild our state and our country.  I assume the concern in Congress is the huge yearly budget deficits.  Yet we readily are appropriating over $1 trillion each year for our military to fight another war overseas and to build another multi-billion-dollar weapons system.  U.S. Senators Richard Burr and Kay Hagan and U.S. Rep. David Price better start spending money in North Carolina and not keep sending billions overseas.
Congress and President Obama need to take care of America and Americans first.
Kurt L. Becker

What’s suspicious look like?
I resent the comment Paul Richardson made about Trayvon Martin being a prowler.  Never ever, nowhere was it ever mentioned that Martin was prowling around on the night that he was murdered.  I or no one else saw it written in The Herald-Sun articles, or said in the media.  The word prowler was never used. 
The young man was simply on his way home to his father's house in the gated community after coming from the store with a pack of Skittles with his hoodie on because it had started to rain.  That's what hoods are for; to protect your head from the falling rain. 
And another thing --  the trial was not about marijuana or jewelry. It was about a young man being followed simply because in the eyes of a paranoid fool, he looked suspicious.  What exactly does suspicious look like?  I would like to know because, I am a beautiful, attractive woman and I have stared other beautiful women up and down only because I was admiring something about them.  Maybe their outfit, their beautiful hairstyle, skin tone.  Does that make me suspicious that I am going to rob or kidnap them or something?  If you don't touch anybody or anything or get too close, how in the world can you be a threat?
Check your facts next time you make a comment about something you haven't been following in the news.
Arlene Machen