Letters to the editor

Jul. 24, 2013 @ 04:11 PM

Rethinking masters’ degree

As I heard about the state House and Senate’s proposed budget, I was flabbergasted to hear that included among the seemingly relentless attacks on educators is the removal of the pay bump that currently comes with a master’s degree. 

This, in addition to teachers’ pay being frozen for five years -- a wound this budget makes no attempt to bandage.  I remember hearing whispers of this being included in the budget but found it too ludicrous an idea to consider.  Unfortunately, that buzz now has behind it a sting that will be felt for me and my wife, as we are accruing debt to pay for two Master of School Administration degrees at UNC. 

Both of us would like more time in the classroom before moving on to administrative roles, but our federal student aid loans will begin coming due soon after our degrees are awarded.  Thanks to this looming budget, there will be no 12 percent raise with which to repay those loans. 

I am weighing heavily my options about whether or not to continue with this degree.  Even the intrinsic desire to be a better teacher would not be enough to overcome the economic disincentive this budget creates toward higher education.  It might be wiser to seek a master’s in a different field.  Or maybe I should seek employment in a different state.  After all, North Carolina ranks 46th nationally in teacher pay.  We rank dead last when looking at teacher pay across the last decade. Better options exist.

Jason Childress


Where’s the outrage?

Charges dropped against Hairston?  I guess the drugs and gun belonged to a street fairy.

Where's the outrage, Rev. Barber?  Let's riot over such an injustice.  Where's the outrage when folks in East Durham are scared to leave their homes?  Get over there today, Rev. Barber.  A cult kills a child and woman and buries them in somebody's yard.  Where's the outrage, Rev. Barber?

Mayor Bing called from Detroit and is willing to give you free housing, says he needs to blame some white folks and figures you can ferret out the few who are left.  Do yourself a favor -- go on a diet and get a job.  Raleigh will be your Selma?  You insult the people who were in Selma.

Danny Johnson


One-dimensional world?

I was told many years ago, if I had nothing to say, say nothing, listen and maybe I will learn something.

This advice still holds true.  Janet Weinberg’s Letter to the Editor isn’t worth criticizing because she doesn’t have a clue about what the George Zimmerman trial was about. It’s quite obvious she is color blind to history. So reviewing the Trayvon Martin trial would be a waste of time.

But hopefully someone who’s not consumed in the one-dimensional world she seems to occupy will understand. Where were Trayvon Martin’s civil rights?

Bernie Andrews