Letters to the editor

Jul. 23, 2013 @ 08:28 AM

Stop mourning Martin

I am sick and tired of the media portraying Travon Martin as an innocent child, along with photos picturing him about 10 years old.  

Mr Martin was twice suspended from school this year for possession of burglary tools and women's jewelry.  He also brought marijuana and attendant paraphernalia to school. If he had been in jail where he belonged, maybe he would not have been out prowling. Let's stop mourning this man and stop the demonstrations in his "honor."

Paul Richardson

Chapel Hill

Praise for EENP

I write this on behalf of the Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Paws (EENP) organization and the recent passing of one of the dogs, Worthy.

EENP has made it their mission to help change and better the lives of those living with disabilities. They have spent countless hours training dogs and clients to help enrich and better the lives of those clients that do not have the ability to live in perfect health. Day in and day out, Deb and Maria work towards creating and developing great partnerships with their dogs and clients; I know this to be 100 percent true, as I have been an EENP client over the past 13 months.

In those months, they both have brought me into the EENP family, and showed me the way to get the most success out of my partnership with my service dog. These two have gone above and beyond what I believe any other organization would.

My life has been changed dramatically for the better because of them. My service dog is the anchor in my life; most importantly, helps keep me healthy by alerting me of things I am no longer able to sense.

Their hard work and dedication to their dogs and their clients has changed my life. I am forever grateful for their loyalty and commitment to better the lives of those in need. I hope EENP can continue their efforts to change the lives of others and continue to make their community a better place.

Ron Zolkower 

Nashville, Tn.

Why is Tim Moore so mean?

I have made 10 trips to the North Carolina House and Senate Galleries since the first week of June and spent several hours listening to chamber audio broadcasts. My reaction has gone from disappointment to slight hopefulness to disgust to anger, which I will give a narrow focus for the purpose of this message.

Why is Rep. Tim Moore (R-Kings Mountain) helping a private developer penetrate the unadulterated woodland area just northeast of Jordan Lake despite the fact that Durham has repeatedly said no? How is a member who suggests that women clothe themselves in duct tape (http://www.wral.com/topless-bill-busts-out-of-committee/12102043/) able to dominate North Carolina's legislative body?

At best, he has made a large investment in the duct tape industry. At worst, he has a sinister sadistic streak that goes unchecked. To what extent do Mr. Moore's attitude and words represent the current N.C. General Assembly?

Laura Chesnut