Letters to the editor

Jul. 22, 2013 @ 02:10 PM

Disclose fracking chemicals

It is no surprise that a majority of North Carolinians are now opposed to fracking. The law designed to fast-track the controversial process is titled the Domestic Energy Jobs Bill but increasingly the surplus of natural gas created by the “energy boom” is being shipped overseas to the highest bidder. As for the jobs, according to a report by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, there are considerably fewer than was earlier predicted

If this isn’t enough to have citizens asking, “What’s in it for us,” there is the way in which supporters of fracking have sponsored a series of bills designed to suppress debate, public input and transparency, most recently legislation that prohibits regulation requiring disclosure of chemicals used in fracking fluid. North Carolinians have made clear in polls that they want full disclosure.

Whatever those chemicals are, there’s plenty of them — hundreds of thousands of pounds per well. In states where there is disclosure it has been shown that the additives include such dangerous substances as diesel and benzene. The vast amounts of waste water created contain radioactive elements like radium.

It is fashionable in some quarters to loftily dismiss concerns about groundwater contamination. But one doesn’t have to be a NIMBY, alarmist or Luddite to object to drinking, bathing in, cooking with or irrigating with water containing toxins and carcinogens.

Lynn Mitchell Kohn


Fulfilling expectations

Regarding Doug Clark’s News & Record (Greensboro ) article in The Herald-Sun’s Sunday edition: Mr. Clark considered The New York Times article, “The decline of North Carolina” which was reprinted as an editorial column in The Herald-Sun without comment. 

Mr. Clarks’ conclusion, “So far, he’s (Gov. Pat McCrory) disappointing.”

No.  In fact, Gov. McCrory is not only not disappointing, he is fulfilling my every expectation. 

Continued redistricting and voter apathy will support the governor and possibly will reelect him. 

We live in a “stand your ground” state.  Did you know that?  Not just a “right to life” state. 

So fetuses are safe but your neighbor bears watching.  Don’t threaten him in any way because he can shoot you.

Unless you’re a fetus.

Get used to it.

Lois Henry


Let’s develop solutions

Now that the filing period has ended, I want to thank all of the candidates who have entered Durham's 2013 municipal campaign. I also want to thank the staff at the Board of Elections for assisting the candidates.  

I look forward to a spirited discussion of vital city issues during the forums, debates and interviews that will occur during the next several months.

I especially invite the citizens to join us in a set of critical conversations surrounding the senseless homicides that are taking away precious human potential from our city.  

Let's use this campaign season to develop solutions that will enhance Durham's long-term future.

Eddie Davis


Stable home lacking

Trayvon Martin would probably be alive today if his parents had stayed together and directed their energies towards providing a stable home and parenting skills. 

Bill McCollum 

Chapel Hill