Letters to the Editor

Jul. 18, 2013 @ 08:03 PM

Join Moral Monday

At least three more friends of mine committed civil disobedience and were arrested this past Monday at the N. C. state legislature.  Each week, more of us have taken this step because of our deeply rooted belief in human rights:  the right to justice without regard to race, to vote without having to jump through hoops, to obtain needed health care including abortion, to earn a decent living if we can work and be supported by our community if we cannot, and to live in a clean, healthy environment. 

These and other rights have been persistently attacked by the Republican leadership of our state Senate and House, and the people of North Carolina are saying “no” loudly and clearly.

Since April 29, growing crowds, thousands strong, have turned out to support the NAACP and multiple partnering organizations.  More than 800 people have done civil disobedience to date.  The event welcomes those of any faith and of none.  The decision to commit civil disobedience is warmly supported, but in no way required; it's a deeply personal decision. 

This movement includes all races and ages, and is stronger and more inclusive than any progressive movement North Carolina has seen in decades.  We are telling the state legislature it's not OK to legislate welfare for the rich while depriving the poor, to turn down federal Medicaid dollars for political gain, to restrict voting rights or to send women to back alleys.  Two more Moral Monday demonstrations are scheduled – come join us!

Joan F. Walsh


See I-85 crepe myrtles

If you have not seen the full blooming crepe myrtles on Interstate 85, do not delay.

Go and enjoy the bigness of the blooming beauty before it is too late. You will be glad you did.

And you will be proud of our highway department for providing such beauty for your tax dollars,

James Faucette


Bombastic rhetoric appalling

It is difficult to imagine how a point of view could be more offensive than the one expressed by Jeff Albright in last Tuesday’s newspaper. In equating the Taliban to the Republican party everyone can see the pronounced level of Mr. Albright’s ignorance.
In 1996 the Taliban captured the Afghan city of Kabul, castrated the country’s president and tortured and killed his brother. In 1998 they massacred 600 Uzbek villagers. In 1998 they captured Mazar-e Sharif, the fourth largest city in Afghanistan, and executed scores of men and boys and raped women and girls. In 2001 they massacred around 300 people in the Afghan city of Yakaolang. Search the Internet for many more examples.
I understand Mr. Albright opposes the Republican Party, but the level of his bombastic rhetoric is appalling. Nobody in the Republican Party is trying to stop anyone from getting an education. I refute his assertion that Republicans want to keep people ignorant. That is the sole domain of the Democratic Party because if citizens are educated and become self-sufficient they won’t need all the government handouts the Democrats use to enslave their voter base.
He talks about a 15-year-old girl being shot in the head in Afghanistan, but Mr. Albright and his sanctimonious party don’t lose any sleep over the 55 million infants that have been massacred in America since Roe vs. Wade, so excuse me if I don’t buy his holier-than-thou attitude and his phony concern for human life.  
Jamie Huff