Letters to the editor

Jul. 16, 2013 @ 04:09 PM

Stop trials in public arena

For years there was a monument in front of the Graham courthouse a quote: "When you go to court you don't get justice. You get the Law." That is so true and so right.

Society needs laws to keep order, to protect man and property and to assure a fair, public trial to one accused. But in recent years the media and public seem to think they should decide rulings and verdicts. It really scares me.

Criminal defendants are tried in the public arena long before the defendant goes to trial, like Patsy Ramsey of Boulder, Colo. Her life was ruined, she spent years and died with the country thinking she murdered her daughter. Later they caught the killer.

Often we see that happen. That is happening to George Zimmerman. Now the government is working on new charges just to feed the beasts demanding his head. Is that justice? We complain because criminals have too many rights, but would we if we were that criminal? I surely wouldn't.

You have the right to assemble and petition our leaders to change the law but what gives you the right to assemble into mobs and threaten the life and freedom of someone, their family and friends? Why even have courts? Would you like that? I think that would mean lynchings. What’s the difference?

You gather, yelling hateful, deadly threats. You won’t carry them out? Someday one of you will. and that is what scares me about your mobs. Surely Martin Luther King is weeping.

Janet Weinberg