Letters to the editor

Jul. 11, 2013 @ 04:41 PM

McCain’s actions a mystery

John McCain's recent statement that the United States needs to get involved in Egypt's internal affairs is an assault on America's judgment  

A nation's dispute is not ours to solve.

For years, I've been trying to analyze the man, John McCain.

Those of us who have experienced the horrors of war want to make war a last resort. McCain may have missed the devastation while dropping bombs from a plane; he witnessed smoke and a cloud of dust.  His actions after spending several years in prison are more of a mystery.  Did his mind get fractured while in Vietnam, or has there always been something missing?

While thinking of getting involved in domestic affairs, I'm reminded of my cousin David and his neighbor, Laban, who have been deceased for many years.  David and Laban were out partying until the wee hours.  After returning home, Laban invited David in and Laban soon started an altercation with his wife.  David, being the perfect gentleman, stepped between them to stop the ruckus.  Laban and his wife teamed up on David and gave him a few bruises and a lesson about getting involved in domestic affairs.

The question, "What if?" always arises.  What if North Vietnam had released John and made him a Vietnamese citizen?  John  may have been happy in a divided country and the United States may have saved many friends and multi-billions of dollars.

Samuel H. Winstead


Painted chair auction – better than ever

Last year Durham’s Independent Animal Rescue spayed/neutered over 1,200 feral cats and placed over 600 pets, many pulled from high-kill shelters. Foster homes are always needed, the feral team needs volunteers, the dog team is thriving, but more fosters are sought.

Our upcoming fundraiser will feature more than 80 silent auction items. From Womancraft we have a rose quartz necklace by Joy McGill. Rosemary Hunter donated Sugar, a cat fashioned out of a gourd.  Janet Resnick designed a cat-inspired lazy susan and Anne Bogerd made a teapot shaped like a standup bass. In the live auction, Brenda Scott painted a coffee table with swirling orange coy, Matt Tomko’s side table features giant sunflowers, IAR volunteer Martha Lewis has painted cats on a bench and others keep coming in.

Eight years ago, I watched as supporters kindly bid on mediocre auction pieces. I asked fellow artists Paula MacLeod and Kathryn DiMarco, “We need to give a class. Quality control! ” They agreed. For five years Kathryn taught collage, Paula worked with mosaic and I demonstrated how to paint faux finishes. Many workshop participants were talented and continue to produce masterpieces for the event. Well-known professional artists have joined the auction, offering spectacular items. 

Independent Animal Rescue’s Painted Chair and More Auction will be a stunning affair made better by your presence.  See you July 27 from 5-9 p.m. at the American Legion Hall in Chapel Hill.

For tickets abd more information:  www.animalrescue.net.

Emily Weinstein