Letters to the editor

May. 07, 2013 @ 07:50 PM

State leaders want it both ways

Do I have this right? State Republican leaders want the federal government to give them more freedom and flexibility as in the Affordable Care Act. At the same time, they want to take away freedom and flexibility from city and county governments as in environmental regulations. Something is grossly wrong with this picture.

Is it time for me to consider seriously emigration?


Judy Schlegel



Gun owners aren’t all good people

Many of our gun lovers in and out of Congress suffer from a distorted notion of how good-natured gun owners are. Hiding behind the Second Amendment, they see benign deer hunters, happy squirrel shooters or the security of protecting their families and the like.

They quickly forget the murder of Connecticut school children or the Boston Marathon massacre. These tragedies could be prevented with background checks on everyone that buys or owns a gun.

They don’t want to think of the drug dealers who accumulate weapons and use them in every large city in America. Look at any daily newspaper and see the mayhem they cause. Perhaps more ominous is the free access we give terrorists to buy high-powered arms everywhere without fear of being detected.

I hear some high-minded senators who voted down buyer ID saying this can’t happen here. Remember some years ago when the Black Panther Party grew from a small California organization under Huey Newton and others that armed themselves for self-defense against the police? Like others today, they grew into a global anti-imperialist struggle while politicians looked the other way. For goodness sake, can’t we see what a menace unfettered gun control has become?


Joe Di Bona



Alcohol bill not a huge threat to craft brewers

In the news recently, there has been some confusion over House Bill 782. 

Sponsored by House Majority Leader Edgar Starnes, the bill is designed to prevent underage drinking by reducing the availability of harmful alcoholic products popular among youth. Craft brewers have become concerned that this bill may inadvertently affect their products.

While their concern is understandable, that is not the case. Critical to the bill is the carefully crafted definitions section. The bill stipulates that in order to be considered a “Foritified Malt Beverage” (FMB) the product must be: between 9-15 percent ABV, treated by a manufacturing process not generally recognized as a traditional malt process, containing added alcohol with or without flavorings, and required to file with the U.S. TTTB under 27 CFR 25.55.

We are confident that this bill does not affect any products other than FMBs, like Four Loko and Blast, which are manufactured by removing malt from the product and adding spiritous flavorings.

This is a good bill that leaves our craft beers alone while relocating harmful products. We are hopeful our outstanding local brewers will support our efforts to make North Carolina a safer and healthier place for children.  


Dylan Mulrooney-Jones, Executive Director

N.C. Alcohol Policy Alliance