Letters to the editor

Apr. 27, 2013 @ 07:46 PM

Officials should be more prudent with tax dollars

Many have noticed the half cent (7 percent) bump in the sales tax that became active on April 1 (how appropriate).

The county wants to bump our property tax 5 cents (6.7 percent) to pay debt service on bonds approved in years past. The city wants to go up yet again on our water and sewer fees and usage. In the fall, the cost of registering your cars and trucks goes up from $33 to $43 (30 percent).

Yesterday, I received a very nice, very professional-looking 16-page, four-color booklet from the county telling of the Strategic Plan Progress Report 2013.

There is nothing wrong with tooting your own horn but it would have been a ton cheaper to put it on the county website rather than printing and distributing it at who knows what cost. Maybe our city and county officials in charge of the public purse could be a bit more prudent with the taxpayers’ money.

People that are lucky enough to be working are really lucky if they get a raise. If they do, it probably won't be 6.7, 7, or 30 percent unless they are favored politicians by their bosses.


Wayne Anglin



U.S. must stop killing with drones

It was with great sadness that I read about the U.S. drone bombing program. People dying while faceless combatants cause death and destruction. It is no wonder that these acts of violence generate fear, hatred and a desire for revenge. What is so frightening is that innocent people are killed or maimed without any warning and without a chance to avoid being killed.

According to an independent study, 884 innocent civilians have died because they were in the wrong place and the wrong time. That’s 884 people killed by bombs going off without warning. In addition, U.S. intelligence agencies report hundreds of other lower-level Afghan and Pakistani "militants" have been killed by U.S. drone strikes away from "active battlefields."

A great American once said that "hate begets hate, violence begets violence." If there is ever going to be peace, the U.S. must stop its state sponsored "top secret targeted killing program."


Bo Glenn



Gratitude for an amusing sports headline

Nice to see that the fine and subtle art of the sports headline is not dead in Durham.

Wednesday's gem was no doubt dormant in either Jimmy Dupree's or Steve Wiseman's pocket since Jason Bourgeois made the Bulls roster.

"Bourgeois gets proletarian walk-off," indeed.

Thanks for the smile, guys.

Doug Roach