Letters to the editor

Feb. 12, 2013 @ 11:47 AM

Put Americans back to work

I’m angry – really perplexed! Twelve million (plus) functioning Americans unable to find gainful (tax-paying) employment in what was once the most robust economy on Earth -- a total failure in pathetic political posturing. 

It’s obvious to even the casual observer that the principal issue facing America today is not guns, terrorism, immigration, climate control nor silly regulations, not even taxes or more government control over every normal function of human endeavor.

 It’s jobs! Let’s put the economy in gear and press the accelerator to the floor. It’s time our handsomely paid, butt-warming, brain-soft, dummies in D.C.  re-prioritize their efforts and zero in on solving the most crucial problem facing our nation. The long-awaited and vastly overdue solution to America’s need for jobs has gone far beyond any other need. The people are hurting.

It’s really rather simple. Stop the wasteful churning of useless effort and concentrate all energies on job creation. Do whatever it takes. We can solve our other concerns in good time. For now, put all else on the back burner until our economic engine is at full speed and our citizens are back working, earning a living, and yes, paying taxes. Every industry should be on the job creating table – regardless of potential climatic impact, Expedite drilling, fracking, mining or whatever will create jobs. The need for jobs overrides all else. Put Americans back to work. We are the world’s best workers and we’re not ready to accept what seems to be Obama’s new norm!

Ernie Wendell


What have we become?

Just to give our readers a flavor of what slithered in with the recent North Carolina Republican landslide, here is a recent report from The News and Observer about Larry Pittman, Republican from Cabarrus County:

“A freshman House member who is also a pastor says he thinks public hangings are a good idea, and says doctors who perform abortions are just as bad as murderers, rapists and kidnappers.

“Rep. Larry Pittman, a Republican from Cabarrus County, apparently didn’t intend for those views to become public. He wrote them in an email to another House member, but apparently inadvertently replied to every member of the House and Senate.

In my 64 years, this is probably the most frightening and disturbing statement I have ever heard from an elected official, to say nothing of a pastor.

Thirty years ago, North Carolina was considered the most progressive state in the South, a place where business and higher education flourished. What have we become?

Robert G. Harrison


Offen’s outstanding

Neil Offen's column is outstanding!

I love reading him and look forward to Monday's edition of The Herald-Sun for that reason.

Too bad you don't publish more than one column a week.
Joyce Koerfer