Letters to the editor

Feb. 11, 2013 @ 01:32 PM

New courthouse, new chapter

This week’s opening of the Durham Courthouse is a remarkable achievement and a tribute to the citizens of Durham. 

Our new 10-story, 318,000-square-foot building, has been in the making for more than a decade.  With 20 courtrooms, a spacious jury pool lounge, state of the art technology and speedy elevators, Durham residents should take great pride in this magnificent building.

On behalf of courthouse officials, I would like to give special thanks to County Engineer Glenn Whistler, the staff of Durham’s General Services, Trial Court Administrator Kathy Shuart, the Office of the Sheriff, the hundreds of construction workers and scores of courthouse employees who worked tirelessly to make the move to this new courthouse possible.

With new security measures and courtroom designs, we ask for the public’s patience as we adjust to our new home.  This will be a new chapter for Durham’s courts, but we remain committed to serving our community the best we can.

Marcia Morey

Chief District Court Judge


Required re-education

The editors say it would not be out of line to require Duke fraternity members to take part in sensitivity training after Kappa Sigma held a party in which members dressed in stereotypical oriental costumes.  

Couldn't we instead require the students to attend church on Sunday where they might learn to love thy neighbor?  Oh yeah, I almost forgot, we can't force people to go to church on Sunday, this is a free country.  But apparently we can require them to attend re-education classes to teach them to love thy neighbor without references to God.  This is called progress and if you disagree, well, then, class starts at eight o'clock sharp, comrade.

I did enjoy the contrite remarks from fraternity President Luke Keohane who said "Our actions are inexcusable...We're not here because we want to defend ourselves.  We're here because we want to learn."  It reminds me of the scene from "Animal House" when the pledge is being spanked with a wooden paddle and each time says "Please sir may I have another."

In related news the gay, lesbian, transgender leadership at the University of North Carolina has demanded separate but equal housing and the UNC board of trustees has agreed to this segregation policy.  If a conservative had come up with this stupid idea he would have been required to attend sensitivity class.  

Alan Culton