Letters to the editor

Jan. 31, 2013 @ 03:26 PM

Assault on rights

Using government to create a more just and equitable society doesn't wash in a free and democratic society where each individual has equal opportunity to better themselves with equitable paying jobs that come from the private sector not government.

Mr. Obama, it will be liberty-loving Americans who will pay for your second term agenda which has become your "personal agenda" and not the majority of Americans. Destruction of a free society based upon moral attributes of our Judeo-Christian heritage as free thinking people must not be usurped by a minority who expect short-term solutions as long as the money flows freely from every American taxpayer.

This grip of icy cold hands around our collective throats in the form of higher taxes to afford higher healthcare costs is an outright assault on our constitutional rights. Evident that Obama has launched his ''aggressive day campaign to reshape our nation into his ''own image", is unheard of. In the words of Jeremiah the prophet -- A nation is sustainable when they build, plant, bless and pray!

Margaret S. Hood