Letters to the Editor, Dec. 6

Dec. 06, 2013 @ 10:23 AM

Tyranny light?

After the Affordable Health Care plan hit the fan, and facing a tough battle for senate seats in 2014, Democrats made a decision. They decided to change Senate rules regarding federal judicial and executive cabinet appointments.

Now filibustering executive appointments I have always felt is a bridge too far. If a president chooses to surround himself with unqualified people that is his prerogative, and we are now seeing the results of that, but it is his cabinet.

Federal judicial appointments are a very different thing. Democrats like to point to 23 fillibusters on judicial nominations as the reason, but this president has been attempting to appoint the most left-wing, activist jurists in the country. As half the country completely disagrees with this president’s agenda, the minority voice in the Senate is extremely important. What the Senate Democrats have done is what tin-pot dictators and their ruling elite have done since the dawn of civilization. They have silenced dissent. 

In so doing, they have completely nullified one of the most important checks on majority power in the minority tool box. Not only is it short-sighted, it is shameful. I voted for Senator Kay Hagan in the last election (a mistake I plan to rectify in 2014) but her vote for this action is indefensible. These are the kinds of things our founding fathers warned us about.  They might well call this tyranny light.

Gary A. Shaw


Thank you, coach Cutcliff

I want to express appreciation to the Duke football program and its resurgence.

There has been a long dry spell since the “glory days” of Duke football and I know all Duke fans are happy to see the return.

The ghosts of such players as Tom Davis, Ace Parker, Eric Tipton and many more are hovering over Wallace Wade Stadium.  And let us not forget the old master, Coach Wallace Wade.

Thank you, coach David Cutcliffe, for bringing about this wonderful change.

I am sure I speak for Duke fans everywhere when we wish you all continued success.

Edward M. Wilkerson


Liberals’ problem

Jamie Huff’s response (Dec. 4) to Tanya Wilson’s letter points to the problem that liberal Mrs. Wilson has. Liberals do not want problems pinpointed because it makes them look bad.

Debate is good. Liberalism is not.

Lee Stem