Letters to the editor

Jun. 20, 2013 @ 04:33 PM

Faster speeds, more gas

In the discussion regarding increasing the speed limit on some of our highways, I have not seen mention of the fact that driving faster uses very substantially more gasoline or other energy. 

Including facts as to the magnitude of the pressure on both energy supplies and our environment should be an essential component of the debate.

Mike Massey


Monitoring troubling

I am deeply troubled that the NSA has been monitoring communications between law-abiding Americans without probably cause. 

I am further troubled that the government has not yet explained why this activity did not violate the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution.

I wrote to Sen Kay Hagan, Sen. Richard Burr and Rep. David Price. I asked when they knew about this program and what they think should be done next. I have yet to receive a reply from any of their offices.

When is Congress going to take responsibility for oversight? And why is it not protecting the U.S. Constitution?

Kenneth Wilbur


Another option 

In it's 6/18 editorial, The Herald Sun is right in suggesting we look at other options for enforcing ABC laws.  Outsourcing the function to the Sheriff’s Department was the only option mentioned, and that's one logical organization to consider, in spite of their admitting they don't know much about enforcing those laws.

The Sheriff Department didn't know much about animal control until they were passed that function, and they've been doing a fine job.

There is another option that some counties in North Carolina have discovered, A.L.E.

Alcohol Law Enforcement already knows the function. It's another option worth considering.

Bill Anderson