Letters to the editor

Jun. 17, 2013 @ 01:54 PM

Neighborhood invasion

You may have been reading about our neighborhood's efforts to deal with the planned rezoning of a part of our neighborhood for a commercial development by Self-Help Credit Union.  From the beginning I have been surprised by many things in this process, so I read the mission statement inspired by Self-Help's founder, Martin Eakes. Some of us feel Self-Help over time is losing sight of its mission.

Local residents have organized the "Kent Corner Task Force" to come up with ideas to keep the commercial "invasion" as neighborhood-friendly as possible. We have seen some progress for our efforts, but the neighborhood is obviously not a high priority for Self-Help CU as demonstrated by the fact that the dumpsters are to be placed nearest our houses.

Working together with neighbors and others and getting out to meet the neighborhood has been rewarding. We have been blessed with generous talented support from so many directions (especially talented advocate Tom Miller!), and slowly our position is gaining strength. A majority of eligible residential neighbors have filed a formal petition with the City against the rezoning.

Phil Nelson, a long time acquaintance and committed member of the Durham Food Co-op, and I were talking recently. I found out he knew Martin Eakes before he started Self-Help and at times had discussions with him. We started talking, along with others in the neighborhood, and decided we would try to form our own non-profit company, re-establishing the focus on community.

David Anthony


Bravo for Campbell

The commentary by Tom Campbell in The Herald-Sun on Sunday was an even-handed analysis of the current political atmosphere confronting us as citizens in a democracy.  Bravo!

Campbell took to task both sides of the political and philosophical divide as he identified the lack of reasoned, intelligent discussion and discourse on the major issues of the day facing our state and nation.

It was a refreshing change from the theatrics and catastrophic language being used by activists attempting to capture media attention and convince others of the “rightness” of their position but without a thoughtful consideration of the reality of competing needs and finite resources and our vested interests as Americans.

V. Rosan Hutter