Letters to the editor

Jun. 16, 2013 @ 05:07 PM

Enforce immigration laws

Foreigners who enter the United States illegally violate U. S. law. That makes them criminals. Some countries put people in prison for years that enter their country illegally. It is morally wrong to reward these criminals with privileges U. S. citizens have and with citizenship. That will only encourage even more foreigners to enter the U.S. illegally. Since some in the U. S. Senate introduced a liberal immigration bill, the number of foreigners entering the U.S. illegally has more than doubled. Some people refer to these criminals as undocumented immigrants. If they are undocumented how can they say there are only 11 million foreigners in the U S. illegally today? Some people say there are 14 million or more foreigners in the U.S. illegally. There are 15 million U.S. citizens without jobs or full-time jobs. If these criminals are given citizenship they will take jobs from citizens born in the U.S., because these criminals work cheap. That will drive down some U. S. wages. Those who do not get jobs will go on welfare at taxpayers’ expense. CBS TV news reported if the immigration bill in the Senate now becomes law it will cost U.S. Taxpayers $6.3 trillion. That would increase the national debt even more.

There are so many of these criminals in the U. S. because the government has failed to enforce the law that protects U. S. borders and carry out deportation laws. It is time to correct the government’s failures and enforce present laws.

James R. Hardy



Jim Crow pistol permit law

I am a lifetime NRA member and a resident of Durham.

A close female friend recently moved to Durham and was concerned about her safety. So she asks me to check out the laws and regulations about firearm purchase and registration in Durham County. What I find was very interesting, and should give all Durham County residents some “comfort.”  Durham has some of the most stringent laws on the books in the state.

There is no N.C. state law that requires you to register your firearms, or notify any public official.  One county . requires its residents to register handguns -- Durham County.

The Pistol Purchase Permit law was passed in 1919.It was a classic piece of Jim Crow-era legislation. The recognition of civil rights for blacks and other minorities meant that the Constitution applied to minorities. This meant that blacks and other minorities could now exercise their natural right to self-defense, with the full support of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. So the Pistol Purchase Permit law was passed. This law allowed local sheriffs and government officials to discriminate with impunity at the local level.

I contacted my friend and  told her that was no need for her to purchase a firearm, the Durham City and County law enforcement would take care of her  But for my peace of mind pick up the Mossberg when you come by the house. After all, I’m the one that convinced you to move to Durham.

Ralph Matthews