Letters to the editor

Jun. 15, 2013 @ 10:46 AM

Obama divides us

To Frederick Lawson, Democrats and elitists self-righteously supporting this president and spewing hate and name calling to those of us that don‘t: Whether you are white, black or purple, I demand to be spoken to with respect as a fellow American and not with vile names.

Barack Obama divides us -- poor against rich, black against white, workers against business, undoing the generations of progress uniting us. Our best history has been when we were together despite different opinions.

Obama won’t let our House and Senate know the names or location of survivors of Benghazi. Why?

The health care industry is the only industry exempt from the Free Trade Act? Why?

Call your health care provider -- if you are overweight or ever smoked you will pay more for coverage. Why?

Being built is a multi-billion dollar facility outside Salt Lake City to store the data being collected on all of us. Why?

No mass shooting or terrorist attack has been done by a Republican or you - only terrorists or mentally ill given access to a family-owned gun.

Obama gives his speeches to middle and high school students. Why?

Have you provided a hospital wing, educational grant or jobs for anyone? The government doesn’t. The very rich and corporations do.

Do some research before you attack your neighbor. Don’t be blinded by politicians stroking your greed. Our individual rights are being eroded. Remember, the more a government gives you the more it can take away from you.

Janet Weinberg


Curb carbon pollution

This Father’s Day, I plan to go on a hike with my family at Duke Forest in the morning and end the day at the Durham Bulls game.  We’ll be well prepared to protect our children from the heat and sun on what promises to be a hot day.  Our seats at the Bulls game will be in the shade, we’ll have plenty of water and I’ll have sunscreen on my children. 

But there are some things that I can’t directly control that have an impact on my children’s health, especially on hot days.  For example: the industrial carbon pollution from power plants, which is fueling climate change and leading to extreme heat. Children are the most at risk of developing heat-related illnesses because they breathe more rapidly than adults and spend more time outside, and as a result are exposed to more air pollution.

According to a report by the Natural Resources Defense Council, as carbon pollution continues to rise, the number of days with extreme heat will continue to increase, leading to more heat-related illnesses.

President Obama has the power to curb carbon pollution by setting carbon pollution standards for power plants. This Father’s Day I want to be able to tell my kids their health is protected and they will have a clean, healthy world to live in when they grow up.

That’s why we need President Obama to set industrial carbon pollution standards that will curb carbon pollution from power plants and protect public health.

Brian Buzby