Letters to the editor

Jun. 10, 2013 @ 07:50 PM

Failing a litmus test

Last month the Republican leadership in the N. C. General Assembly killed a bill which would have caused Christianity to be the official religion for the state.  At first, I did not understand.  The Republicans had the votes to pass the bill, and certainly the Governor would have signed it.  The bill would be consistent with their national right-wing agenda.  And, even though it would be a job killer, it would further align North Carolina with the old South and would signal that N.C. has clearly stepped away from the progressive policies that have generated unprecedented growth in the past 30 years.  But, those concerns are ignored daily in Raleigh as the Republicans settle real or imagined grudges and take the state backward to the old policies of privilege, discrimination and bigotry.

Since then, the reason the bill was killed has become clear.  If Christianity were the official state religion, people might demand our state government be governed by the teachings of Jesus.  The litmus test would be whether proposed  legislation would harm those who are poor, disadvantaged or suffer from discrimination.  Under this test, our legislature would fail.  It would be impossible to get a passing grade while denying 500,000 poor people health care coverage, cutting off unemployment benefits, gutting public education, adopting a regressive tax structure in order to grant tax breaks to the wealthy few, disenfranchising thousands of poor voters and restarting public executions.  

Robert Bo Glenn


Government the enemy

We used to be scared of our "enemies" -- Russia (still should be), China (well, they do own us), North Korea (not so much) and many more.
But the real enemy is the government of our country. They are now spying on everyone who has a cell phone or a computer. (Be very careful of what you say and who you say it to.)
They are now dictating contraceptives. Don't get me wrong here, I don't care if you use them, I just don't think the regime should demand the taxpayers or corporations should pay for them under the Obamacare mandates.
The IRS is targeting anyone who disagrees with the regime and they are lying through their teeth that they did not know about it. I plead the Fifth! I plead the Fifth!
Be careful out there, folks. The drones are coming. And they have a lot more ammunition than we do. (Or maybe not.)
Jack Lamb