Letters to the editor

Oct. 05, 2013 @ 02:33 PM

Victim of propaganda

Friday morning Dorothy Gianturco noted her concerns about the Affordable Care Act and ended her letter wondering...”how many people have actually read the bill and understand it.” 

Well we know of at least one person for sure: Ms. Gianturco.  

President Barack Obama, his family, members of congress and their staff already have insurance as do many millions of other people who have coverage through their employers or through government programs like Medicare.  They aren’t “exempt” from ACA, they just don’t need it. They all have insurance.

The Affordable Care Act is being made available to the other millions of people who don’t have insurance and desperately need it.  And by the way the Affordable Care Act is not a “bill” it’s a law and has been for a while now.  

Ms. Gianturco has fallen victim to GOP propaganda and their campaign of misinformation orchestrated in a desperate attempt to undermine the potential success of the Affordable Care Act and its benefit to the American people.

Lee Nelson


A cop as dictator?

I was quite amused at the super-smart words from the Chief of nuts (UNC-CH Director of Public Safety) Jeff McCracken.

He said "the law creates more potential for accidental shootings and suicide attempts."

So does calling a cop. It was a cop who shot an unarmed victim of a wreck in Charlotte. Maybe we should disarm cops likes he would like to disarm us. Maybe we should not allow people to eat because they might get diabetes. Maybe we should hire a chief with a brain. Maybe, maybe, maybe...

Maybe we should allow people the rights the Constitution gives us? Or maybe we should allow a cop to be our dictator!

H.F. Chamberlin