Letters to the editor

Oct. 03, 2013 @ 05:22 PM

Questions about Affordable Care

I have several concerns about the Affordable Care Act.
If this  health insurance is so great:
-- Why isn't the originator of the bill, President Barack Obama, signing up for it for him and his family? 
-- Why have the members of congress and their staff  requested to be exempted from it?
-- And why are so many companies and organizations also  trying to be exempted from it?
It seems as if the American people are being subjected to this bill, and there should be no exemptions.  After all, according to our Constitution "We are all equal."

I wonder how many people have actually read the bill and understand it.

Dorothy Gianturco


GOP needs Ritchie’s dad

Find a picture of Iran's new president Hasan Rouhani.  Put your thumb over his beard and look at his eyes.  Who does he look like?  He looks like Ritchie Cunninghan's dad from "Happy Days."

I wonder if those crazy mullahs in Iran know what an advantage this gives them. Americans have a habit of judging a person's character by their television image and we all loved Ritchie Cunningham's dad.  Howard Cunningham could be enriching uranium in his basement and we wouldn't care.  So when you see a picture of Hasan Rouhani and he seems to you like the kind of mullah you could bring home to meet mom and dad, that's why.  

Now Obama has been negotiating with Russia, Iran and Syria but he still refuses to talk to Republicans.  The G.O.P. should hire a spokesman who looks like Tom Bosley and start enriching their own uranium.

Alan Culton