Letters to the editor

Sep. 25, 2013 @ 02:10 PM

Defacing sidewalk selfish, ignorant

Shame on you!

“Rich Homie”, “Nam 2013”, “Tha Door”, “N22 Frizz 2013”, “Maya Sugg”, “Mia Sax”.

Sorry, your names and whatever the rest of this scribble is will not be etched forever in the new sidewalk on West Trinity Avenue.

The city just spent two  days replacing sections of the sidewalk on West Trinity from Watts Street to Gregson.  Cement was poured Tuesday and was setting when I saw two runners run and skip on the wet cement.  I called out to them and they apologized.

Little did I realize they had been running over the new cement from Watts Street to  in front of my house. After I tried to smooth over the marks a worker stopped by.  I thought someone had called him.  To my not-so-surprise, he told me this happens all the time and that he always returns to the job site to repair the damage which usually happens.

He spent at least 1 ½ hours correcting and smoothing out names, faces and foot marks in the not-yet-dry cement. About 15 minutes after he left, the same thing happened.  This time, I and two other neighbors spent the same amount of time correcting what yet more selfish and ignorant people did.

The only thing I will say to these individuals is, “Shame on You.”  Where is your pride and respect for other people’s property?  I also hope that if any of you read this, you will have the gumption to apologize for what you did.

Douglas Nelson


Follow handgun ban

Regarding Duke's decision to continue its ban on handguns;  My friends will know how hard it is for this life-long Tar Heel fan to say it, but "Go Duke".

It would be great if other responsible members of our community would follow suit.

Paul D. Naylor


Obamacare must be defeated

Obamacare will lead this country down the path of socialism and decrease the quality of care every American will receive. It is intrusive and will drive our nation further into debt and increase the heavy burden of more and higher taxes on hardworking Americans who have jobs!

Obamacare must be defeated as a first step towards full repeal because every working American deserves better.

Americans deserve better than an ill-conceived law that was made and passed through shadowy back room deals in Washington, and more concerned with name recognition passed on rather than substance for every American citizen!

Please join hands as the conservative movement is standing up to an overreaching government that will not stop attacking our Constitution of the United States of America. Bring back discourse and diplomacy to America rather than a select few who would bring this nation to its knees if allowed to do so.

Margaret S. Hood