Letters to the editor

Sep. 24, 2013 @ 02:43 PM

Support ‘Beyond Coal’

The University of North Carolina’s Board of Trustees will meet this Wednesday.

As a university student and member of the Student Sierra Coalition, I am proud that the Beyond Coal campaign is on the meeting’s agenda.

This meeting will continue last semester’s forward momentum, when 77 percent of university students voted in favor of divestment.

The Beyond Coal campaign calls on the university to divest our $2.1 billion endowment from the coal industry. Coal presents dangers to the environment and public health and is becoming an increasingly risky investment. Smart investment in sustainability is the way to move forward.

Considering the campaign did not make it to the agenda last year, I am grateful we can now make our voices heard on behalf of divestment. The support of the board’s members is vital to the campaign’s progress.

This is a pivotal moment for the university. It is a chance for the Board of Trustees to engage with students on an issue that matters to all of us. We believe the University can lead the way forward to a more sustainable, financially secure future.

Students are invited to attend a pre-meeting rally at 1 p.m. on the steps of Wilson Library and to follow the Sierra Student Coalition to the Board meeting at 2. We will give our presentation at 2:30.

 We have been granted an amazing opportunity to deliver our message. We thank the Board of Trustees for providing us the platform. We thank them for listening.

Lauren Moore

Chapel Hill

Community support impacts classrooms

Thank you to the Durham and Triangle Communities for the outpouring of support provided to Crayons2Calculators these past three months.  As a result of the overwhelming participation in the Fill That Bus supply drive, we received more than $60,000 worth of school supplies and cash donations. 

We are so grateful to the Durham Rotary Clubs for spearheading this community-wide campaign, which included more than 175 businesses and organizations.  This new wealth of supplies enables us to expand our services and provide free school supplies to more Durham Public Schools classroom teachers throughout the entire school year in order to meet the educational and creative needs of their students.  Your donations make a direct impact in the classroom!

With deepest appreciation,

Chris Brown


Crayons2Calculators Board chairman

Equal opportunity critic

In regards to U.S. House Speaker John Boehner's (Rep.) recent comment ("The American people  don't want a government shutdown, and the American people don't want Obamacare"), voters must wonder how much harder those within our two-party system (and this includes the tea party) can work to accomplish absolutely nothing but more expense for the American people.     

One party has presented and passed a reform package ("Obamacare") that funnels more and more money into the healthcare marketplace by lining up more and more patients for industry leaders and the other is sitting on its padded wallets in regards to proposing an alternative to either Obamacare or the previous system, which, in the latter case, if maintained, does nothing but let industry leaders charge whatever they can get away with while sticking it to the sick, struggling middle class and working poor.
Meanwhile, both parties continue posing that they're doing whatever they claim that they're doing for the American people.
What people?
Victor Dzau, William Roper, Kenneth Morris, Brad Wilson, William Atkinson?
You mean socialized medicine is good enough for the U.S. Congress (Walter Reed) but not the American people?
John Rhodes