Letters to the editor

Sep. 23, 2013 @ 04:00 PM

A perilous bridge

It has been almost a year since my beloved, firstborn son, Merrill, was killed in a fiery car crash at the bridge on Hwy. 751 near its intersection with Hwy. 70 on a dark Sunday night.  

Unbelievably, the first sentence in our state's Department of Transportation website fact sheet states, "North Carolina's bridges are safe." Let me tell you about one "safe" bridge: The speed limit is 55 mph on 751, there are no lights in that area, the bridge was built 80 years ago, there are no guardrails, the shoulders are narrow and soft, approaches to the bridge from either direction are "blind" because it is elevated to span train tracks Amtrak still uses, and embankments at each corner of the bridge slope steeply to the tracks below. The bridge is narrower than the road and shows scrape mark evidence that two vehicles have difficulty passing at the same time on the narrow bridge.  Cyclists and joggers have no chance to use the bridge without putting themselves in imminent danger.
My son was not speeding, nor was he impaired; however, approaching vehicles with high-beam lights might have impaired his vision. Sturdy guardrails might have stopped his descent down the embankment, a more modern bridge might have prevented drivers’ edging toward the middle of the road to prepare for the narrow bridge. I'll never know. I do know the bridge is a perilous part of heavily travelled 751 through Duke Forest and I will not rest until DOT replaces it. 
Tamela Davis


Analysis of president is warped

This is reacting to the letter, “Obama's miserable time.” This admitted old red neck vilification of President Barrack Obama with cynical reference to his surname is repugnant. It is self-evident his warped analyses of the president's performance in office is beyond his limited capacity of comprehension.

It is absurd Vladimere Putin propped the president up on Syria’s civil war, because of his alleged weakness. Contrary to his erroneous fact, the U.S. naval fleet present to strike selected targets caused the Russians to seek a resolution to an air assault; it was a show of great strength.

America'sAAA credit rating slippage was a direct result of the House of Representatives’ scheme to make the president a one-termer, which failed miserably since he was re-elected by a landside majority. If the House legislators were not so biased, like the writer, the economy could prosper with infrastructure jobs and solar energy development systems.

Bipartisan coalescing decisions in the House to help all Americans should be the function of that body. The Tea Party naysayers’ agenda of bias toward this president has blocked meaningful legislation presented by him.

My advice to the president is use your "executive order " to pass bills necessary for the economy and general public.

As to "Got Air Freshner"? Get over it, Obama has three more years in the White House. This obstructionist House will be swept out of office in 2014, cleansing their stench.

Edward G. Bell