Letters to the editor

Aug. 17, 2013 @ 10:45 AM

What courage, what leadership…

Huzzah.  Governor McModerate vetoes two minor pieces of Republican handiwork. 

One was a bill requiring drug testing for welfare recipients.  Similar bills have been thrown out by the courts in several jurisdictions.  Two was the tattered remnants of an Arizona-style “Show me your papers” bill that would have allowed employers to hire without checking on a person’s immigration status. What courage, what leadership, what moderation

Meanwhile, he signs legislation to reduce healthcare services for women, eliminate aid to the unemployed, suppress minority voting -- the list goes on.

Hey Mac, we’re glad you found your veto pen. Too bad you didn’t find the right places to use it.

Paul D. Naylor


Global sport merits more

Breaking sports news: Football teams are practicing again, and a golf tournament hasn’t started yet.  Wow.  A bike charity and Roy Williams whining about Hairston questions in the Fanfare section. 

Maybe that’s all fine, except that absent was the news the U.S. Men's National Team and Jozy Altidore made history three times in one game Wednesday.  Yes, it was a friendly, not a tournament or qualification, but considering the type of news you published Thursday, it seems that a hat trick, which extended Altidore's scoring streak to five games (breaking the MNT record), to overcome a 2-0 half-time deficit on European soil (an American first), against a number-13-in-the-world Bosnia-Herzegovina team in Sarajevo that hadn't lost in 10 games, that extended USA’s win streak to 12 (the longest active in the world, just three shy of Spain’s world record) at least deserves mention. 

We are Durham, says The Herald-Sun, one of the most progressive and diverse cities in the South. So the rusty, squeaky traditional anti-soccer mentality, losing steam in even mainstream media, seems out of place here.  We have pro soccer.  Who knew? Probably not Herald-Sun readers.  We are a global town, and you ought to cover the most global sport on the planet better.  By the way, former USMNT coach Bob Bradley is coaching Egypt to a possible first-ever World Cup berth, amidst all that country’s turmoil.  It is inspirational, global, political stuff that matters, all wrapped up in futbol, with an American coach to boot.  That’s news.


Bradley Yoder


Presidential trips’ cost ‘disgusting’

To William T. Hendreicson, most people do not care if the first family takes a vacation. What is disgusting to us is the millions upon millions spent to do so. Even the dog has a separate flight to Martha's Vineyard.  What, Bo and Reggie Love, the dog's handler, can't squeeze in with Michelle and the kids or on the president's flight (they fly separate)?

This is not a once or twice a year event. Michelle takes several trips herself that require an entourage of Secret Service personnel, staff, ground transportation, etc.  The women goes through millions of taxpayers’ money on her frequent trips. Living in the White House must be pretty stressful.  

It’s claimed that the Obamas reimburse the market value of the trips. Air Force One costs $80,000 plus an hour and what of five-star accommodations with complete floors reserved, liquors bills, just to name a few. This doesn't begin to cover their costs. 

The Bush's flew to their ranch in Texas or to his parents in Maine. Neither cost millions to rent and they paid their own bills.  Plus, they never traveled over big holidays so more of the staff could be with their families.  Big, big difference.

L.L. Nelson