Letters to the editor

Aug. 14, 2013 @ 01:49 PM

Letters of ‘wreckonciliation’

From the beginning, based on the national effort and on phone conversations left on the Internet, the bus ads sponsored by the Church of Reconciliation have been little more than an Israeli defamation campaign.  

We all want peace.  But does it help when, as this week, the al-Qaeda affiliates in Sinai were caught just as they were about to launch rockets into Israel for indiscriminate killing of infants, children and adults.  On the substance of the matter, neither Ted Shohfi nor his wife, who wrote a similar letter to the Chapel Hill News, acknowledge Israel must protect itself against terrorism.  That protection saves lives. 

Nor do the Shohfis acknowledge the sharp reduction in attacks and deaths since a barrier wall was built purposely to prevent terrorists from creating havoc .  Nor do they show any concern for Iran wishing to become nuclear-armed, simply for the purpose to remove Israel from this earth. 

Even other Middle-East countries, notably Saudia Arabia, are concerned by an uncontrollable Iran.  Certainly the Saudis do not wish the bomb to fall on their own people.  On the human rights side of the issue, the Shohfis ignore that Palestinians are living longer, have lower prenatal mortality than any other Arab Moslem group of people, and that tens of thousands of them get medical care at world-class hospitals in Israel.  The ridiculous notion that heavy armaments are used in that area does not even deserve a response.  Personally I would rather see letters of Reconciliation, not Wreckonciliation.

Robert Gutman


Share the road responsibly

It was a beautiful Saturday, so I set my alarm early to avoid as many motorists as possible during my bike ride. Despite these efforts there was another close call with a vehicle.  Unfortunately, this is not the first time and it very likely won’t be the last.  At the time of these “close calls” I get angry, scared and frustrated because my life has been endangered.  Sadly, I've attended two large rides this year where there was a moment of silence for cyclists killed by motorists in the Triangle area

Who thinks it is safe to speed around a cyclist to turn right and cut off the same rider just a few seconds later?  What kind of person throws trash or yells at cyclists for no apparent reason and finds it humorous to alter charity bike course markers? How many of these drivers know many cyclists in the Triangle ride to support local and national charitable organizations and raise millions of dollars annually? 

As you drive North Carolina roads, take a few moments to slow down for bicyclists. We are everyday people who are also daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, doctors, teachers, veterans and taxpayers.  You work with us, attend church with us and see us at Little League games.

Cyclists don’t want to annoy drivers and we have no desire to slow you down for an extended period. Please share the road with cyclists responsibly.  Treat every rider as if that person were your child, parent or dearest friend.

Dawn Franklin


Provoking wrath

Well, Gov. (Pat) McCrory, you have done it.

You have ruptured the very foundation of what it means to be American and have quickly, surely and finally provoked the wrath of a nation.


Carol Reach


Leading country to destruction

Here we go again!  Jeff Albright in an August 13 letter continues to spew the progressive nonsense I am very, very tired of hearing. 

In the first line he says "...Tea Party nuts".  This is the very common tactic of progressives to result to name calling when they have no facts.  Then he goes down the race path saying "... the Tea Party, fueled by their racial hate aimed at Obama, ..." which is another form of name calling when he can't argue facts. 

I, like most of those in the Tea Party, am against Obama for only one reason and that is because he is a progressive who is leading this country to destruction.  If you are a progressive, I am against you and it has nothing to do with race.

The "sane members of the Republican party" are what we call RHINOS or Republicans in name only.  They are just less progressive progressives who are only a little less guilty of putting the country on a destructive path.

To start with your investigation into facts, Mr. Albright, if you ever have any inclination to do that, I suggest you study history.  You will find the way this country is going (which also requires study since you likely do not know) is very similar to other countries that collapsed.  (Space restrictions only allow me to suggest where you might find facts that argue against progressivism).

Dennis House