Letters to the Editor, June 11

Jun. 10, 2014 @ 12:04 PM

Let’s vote out Republicans

Have you been hearing about this Benghazi stuff? It seems Republicans are really angry because four Americans died there and they blame President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

They have had 13 hearings, received 25,000 pages of documents, held 50 briefings and even talked about impeaching the president. Clearly, this huge amount of attention must mean Republicans believe every American life is precious.
On a related note, did you hear that the Republicans in our state have refused to let the U.S. government give us back some of our taxes so that we could expand healthcare to more than 500,000 North Carolinians? Their politically based snub means we are refusing to accept almost $5,000,000 every day! Our tax money is going to help other states and our critical rural hospitals are closing.
Where are the Republicans who actually are fiscally conservative?
That’s not all we’re losing. Even more painful is that, according to a Harvard/CUNY study, not expanding Medicaid in North Carolina means an average of 750 moms, dads and little kids will die here every year! Why aren’t these lives as precious to Republicans as those in Benghazi?
Republican are going ballistic about losing four Americans in Benghazi, while they clearly don’t care about losing hundreds of Americans right here in North Carolina.
Every day, they’re giving away our money and letting people die and the Republicans are OK with that. Senator wanna-be Thom Tillis is even bragging about it. Let’s vote in November and “impeach” the Republicans!
Joyce Holmes

Keep matching grants

The county's Matching Grants Program has accomplished so much with so little in Durham.  As an active volunteer with  Durham Central Park Inc. and the Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association, I have witnessed great improvements made possible by the program.  

The great asset that we have today in Durham Central Park was initially nurtured by the county through this program.  We raised the money to build a pavilion for the wildly popular Durham Farmers' Market, thanks to this program.  What was once a blighted area was enhanced by the county and is now attracting millions in private investment dollars.

ECWA has leveraged Matching Grants money to create the 17-acre urban nature preserve that has ecological as well as recreational value.  Again, another blighted area transformed into a much-loved area with seed money from the county. 

Our county commissioners must not allow this successful program to be eliminated from their budget.  These two non-profits are poised to continue their successful partnerships with the county.  Together we can do incredibly great things!

Lee Ann Tilley


Blood donations needed

I implore all to go to 4737 University Dr. to give blood at the Red Cross.

Or this Friday, a blood drive will be held at 800 North Duke St. Be noble. Blood is desperately needed.


Lee Stem