Letters to the editor

Nov. 15, 2013 @ 04:26 PM

No winners in council elections

There are no winners in the Durham City Council elections. Less than 11 percent of registered Durham voters cast ballots in this year’s municipal election.

To put voter turnout into perspective, the 18,569 voters that participated in this year’s local election are substantially less than the following:

-- 23,204 total enrolled students at NCCU and Duke University 

-- 33,086 Durham Public Schools students

-- 39,000 Duke University/Duke University Health System employees

-- 49,000 Research Triangle Park employees

While many candidates and political groups have claimed victories in this year’s elections, the depressing voter turnout is no celebratory occasion.  The future of our city depends on all citizens participating in the democratic process.

Durham -- we must do better!

Donald Hughes


Do veterans matter in Stem?

Now that the elections are over and Veterans Day is behind, it is time to reflect. During the campaign certain Stem candidates stated that American flags would be placed on telephone poles, once again on the streets of Stem. Thank you!!

However, that seems to be the extent of the Stem Town Board’s support of veterans. Where were any of the elected officials from Stem at the Town of Butner Veterans Day event? They were absent. Not only were Butner Town Council members present, so were town commissioners-elect from Creedmoor, one outgoing Oxford city commissioner, the mayor of Oxford and at least two county commissioners. No Stem officials.

Why should they be present -- the campaign is over. Plus, none has ever defended freedom, so they have no connection or desire to support veterans. After all, the American flag above the Stem Town Hall is torn and the blue field is faded, and the mayor and at least two Stem commissioners are aware. To make matters worse, what do any Stem Officials know about American flags? Only one current elected official has an American Flag in his yard. However, it is a total disgrace, as it torn in four places and needs to be retired. Just drive up Old 75 and look.

Is this how the Stem town officials see veterans -- torn, old and ready to retire? Seems so. The election is over.

Kevin  A. Rumsey