Letters to the editor

Nov. 11, 2013 @ 03:56 PM

Thanks to Herald-Sun

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to The Herald-Sun for two recent events it and some local businesses sponsored.  First, on Oct.  27 you published at no cost to the provider  the names and a brief message to those individuals who had survived cancer and those who had succumbed to it.  As a cancer survivor and as one who has lost loved ones to this disease, this act of recognition was indeed a welcomed event and greatly appreciated by those involved.

Secondly, to honor local veterans on Veterans Day The Herald-Sun launched another free event to allow the posting of eight pages of  pictures noted with branch of service and dates of service of local veterans.  Again, many of my acquaintances and I were humbled and honored by this event.

I enjoy a local paper which carries news and events of a local nature, but I am especially thankful when it involves and honors the people who comprise the communities it serves.  Thanks again to The Herald-Sun and the advertisers who helped sponsor these two events.  I have made note of the sponsors and I hope other readers have as well, so that they too may be remembered when a need arises.  Also special thanks to Herald-Sun  staff  April Gainey and Thomas Tuttle for their efforts in coordinating these projects.

Kent Fletcher


Push for reform

I recollect fondly most every teacher I had from elementary through high school.  As I became older, I recognized teaching wasn't just August through June with a nice summer break.  Many teachers worked summer jobs coupled with seminars and workshops to advance their classroom abilities to reach students. 

Lisa Gerardi and William Tolbert aptly describe the effort put forth by our educators.  I cannot emphasize enough how important the people are where we send our kids to learn.  So, how do we keep teachers energized and enthusiastic? 

Money, right?

However, I disagree with Mr. Tolbert:  More taxes are not the answer.  Hitting everybody's pocketbook for another tax increase hurts everyone.  Durham County has one of the highest expenditure per student in the state.   Reviewing our school budget should indicate where sensible cuts could be made and reward deserving teachers. We see news stories about government waste quite regularly.  One would think there is intense fiscal oversight to ensure every dollar from taxpayers is spent effectively.

Ms. Gerardi details her personal cost of living, and how it results doing without common luxuries.  Private sector raises average about 2 percent.  Annual cost of living increases 3-5 percent annually.  It's time to educate our local all our elected officials:  We are tired of misspent money and lax audit of budgetary commitments.  Monday walk-ins are a start. Everyone needs to fervently push for reform.

Mike A. Hall