Letters to the editor

Nov. 04, 2013 @ 06:59 PM

Surviving Halloween

I survived Halloween! 

In the scheme of life not a great triumph, but compared to past years, “handing” out candy this year was almost glitch-free.  Previously, I have hidden behind closed blinds due to my dog going ballistic at the doorbell.    I could put him outside, but the incessant barking is not that pleasant either.  

This year, I decided to put a basket of candy outside, with a sign saying “please take 1.”  I work from home at night and could not sit outside and hand out candy, so the “honor” system was option #1.  I finished work early, so every time children came to my candy basket, I held my dog, waved from inside the storm door, and assumed they would take just a small handful. 

This worked except for one mother who helped herself to half the cache of candy.  It was only 6:15.  Alarm set in.  Option #2. Now every time families came to my porch I met them outside holding my dog -- he loved it, they loved it and I would like to commend the self-restraint of children when I explained they could only have a few pieces. Most took only one, stating they wanted to leave some for others (WOW).  

Down to two pieces -- a father and his toddler son came up. I said please take both pieces. The dad wanted to leave the last piece for someone else, but I insisted.  Thank you to those who were so polite, so gracious and not greedy.

Kim Snyder


Great use of taxes

I want to thank the city executives of Durham for the new footbridge over I-40 to South Point Mall.

When it is finished I am sure it will be another place for muggings and assaults.

A great way to spend tax dollars! Do they really think people will use it after dark? Right!
Why not make it a toll bridge if it is so important? Only problem there is the toll would be so small because it would only cost 10 cents for gas to drive to the mall.

I can see Bobby and Sue and Jack and Jill (not their real names) with all the Christmas gifts tucked under there arms when leaving the mall. Great targets!

Jack Lamb


Nov. 6 mistake

Author Edward Klein put out a book last year called “The Amateur”

and Barack Hussain Obama was on the cover.

Well, with all the mess in the United States the name of Klein’s book is fitting. A mistake was made on last Nov. 6. Trust me.

Lee Stem