Letters to the editor

Oct. 15, 2013 @ 05:21 PM

Double shot of climate-change propaganda

We recently got two editorials to end the debate about global warming.  Well, there are several problems with that belief.

Monthly NASA surface temperatures have been level for the past 15 years.  Since global warming has not occurred, some clever climatistas came up with “climate change,” a potential Nobel-prize slogan, so that too cold, too hot, too wet, too dry, high oceans, low oceans, etc. can support their funding. 

The United Nations-supported IPCC statement is laughable about their 95 percent certainty humans are causing climate change. What statistical tool did they use to come up with that?  These “expert” panels are typically like-minded individuals who form “consensus” conclusions.  Ignoring the more reliable recent temperature non-increases, climatistas put faith in global temperature guesses from 50 years ago and beyond.  They struggle to explain no correlation between the increasing atmospheric CO2 levels and global temperatures which have remained steady.  The effect of the most evil “greenhouse” gas, water vapor, is often ignored.  If oceans acting as a sink for CO2 and heat will soon become saturated and doom us, the oceans should have been even more effective in preventing temperature rises 80 years ago.

Eugene Robinson stated “atmospheric science is difficult because there are so many variables.”  Amen, bro.  Imagine the hysteria spewed by climatistas and Hollywood elites if temps had actually risen over the past 15 years?  We should make prudent strides to limit CO2 production and pollution.  However, today’s climatologists are so agenda-driven I have no faith in their objectivity.   

John G Toffaletti


Actions trump dialogue

I would like to express my gratitude to your editorial staff for highlighting the Durham Police Department's attempts at drowning out or overwhelming the NAACP and citizen complaints against it, by publishing articles touting crime reduction through its Bulls Eye crime reduction initiative.

Such news is good, but it should not be used as a strategy to talk past the three major concerns expressed during the recent Human Relations hearing: frequent racial profiling during pedestrian and traffic stops, excessive use of force during the arrest of  some suspects and a pattern of institutional racism within the Police Department.

Rather than initiating constructive dialogue and changes, the department continues to covertly engage in these practices, including covert harassment of the letter writer.
In your editorial you said you "didn't care for" our implied suggestion of empowering citizens to share some of the power for vetting citizen complaints against the police. And, leaving the final administrative decision of all cases exclusively to the discretion of  the city manager, I would submit  that this system is a major contributing cause for the
NAACP and citizen concerns, and it needs to be changed.
There are other cities that have successfully implemented the model which we are suggesting. Two that come to mind are Syracuse, N.Y., and Las Vegas, Nev.
The Durham Police Department and the community need more than just dialogue, they need proactive changes to rectify the problems implied by the traffic study and stated during the human relations hearing.
Jesse H. Gibson

Texas tea

George W. Bush  wasted over a trillion dollars on the war in Iraq with fabricated intelligence and unproductive torture.

After the unregulated, "trickle-down" ideology brought down our economy we thought we had suffered the worst Texas had to offer. Rick Perry comes along with his right-wing mantra against  our federal government as well as his ignorance of how the three branches actually work . To our horror he ends up running for president .

Sorry to say, he might have been the best of that lot.

Not done yet? Surprise! In comes Ted Cruz stimulating the darkest part in the minds of his right-wing  constituants with his bloviating rhetoric about small government, more deregulation, an obvious hatred of Obamacare and open disrespect for President Obama.

The most disturbing fact about these three and all the right wing extremists in our national and local governments are the millions of people they represent. How can we cleanse their racism, homophobia, misogyny and disdain for government, education, science and the environment when greedy ignorance is driving them all?

Bob Vasile


After-school programs need our help

We’ve heard a lot about problems in American education. We can each do something about it. After-school programs need our help.

For five semesters now, I and some other EMC Corp volunteers have been running a Lego robotics apprenticeship at Neal Middle School in Durham through Citizen Schools. The kids get exposure to computer technology, learn teamwork and get to see that all sorts of people become engineers. I’m convinced the experience will help them become successful adults.

Other volunteers have created Citizen Schools apprenticeships that match their own interestsm such as urban gardening, dance and conflict resolution.

With our state’s continued challenges in public education, it is important to help our kids in every way we can. I encourage everyone to contribute time to an after-school program. For more information on Citizen Schools, find them on the web or come to the Citizen Schools Lights On Afterschool program this Thursday from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Neal Middle School, 201 Baptist Road, Durham.

Dan Oldman