Letters to the editor

Apr. 06, 2013 @ 10:31 PM

Simple question goes unanswered

Here we go again! Mr. Seaman and other proponents of man-made global warming just cannot seem to answer one simple question: If the CO2 content of the atmosphere was only around 290 ppm and CO2 is the major determinant regarding temperature, how could the temperatures have been as high or higher than current levels some 1,000 years ago when man-made CO2 emissions were obviously very low?

Regarding acidification of the oceans, he fails to mention that underwater volcanic actions daily emit acidic material into the oceans.

Meanwhile, the “godfather” of man-made global warming, James Hansen, recently was quoted by The Economist saying that “the five year mean global temperature has been flat for a decade” while many sources crowed that 2012 was the hottest year on record! How is that again??


Harry Phipps



Held hostage to insanity

This year, it is estimated that 100,000 Americans will be shot – 17,000 of them younger than nineteen.  Now the National Rifle Association is proposing that we put personnel with guns in every school of the country.

One of the fallacies relentlessly trumpeted by the NRA is that more weapons (there are currently approximately 670,000,000 guns in America) make us safer. 

The world once believed that line of reasoning, and stockpiled enough nuclear weapons to destroy the planet 30 times over.

World powers have been scampering for the last two decades to reduce, destroy or decommission, those weapons because there is now a universal recognition that more weapons made us less, not more, secure.

As it is now, the NRA sees gun victims, (this might, if unfortunately, include elementary school children), as the inevitable price of upholding the basic right to form a well-regulated militia.

That right they currently construe, via a contorted syllogism, as the right to own – among other things- assault weapons and high-capacity magazines).

Until Congress comes to its senses, sees through the illogic of more weapons equals more security, and musters the courage to challenge the NRA, we will continue to be held hostage to this insanity.


Joe Moran