Letters to the editor

Aug. 29, 2013 @ 05:23 PM

Hurricane McCrory?

There has been quite a bit of negative publicity about North Carolina since Gov. Pat McCrory took office.  Lately it has been one thing after another.  Durham has high unemployment especially among mature African Americans.  North Carolina need jobs.

Since McCrory has taken office, North Carolina has been viewed in a negative light to the point of digressing.  He decreased the budget for teachers and schools then gave large raises.  In honor of Gov. McCrory we should name the next hurricane, “Hurricane McCrory,”  because of the destruction and chaos he has brought to North Carolina, from the minute he was voted into office.

Barbara Brandon

Berko incomplete

I was surprised yesterday when I read Malcom Berko's column and it was uncharacteristically incomplete.

After checking with another source, I realized it was about half of his column. Try harder, please.

Wayne Anglin