Letters to the editor

Aug. 26, 2013 @ 01:05 PM

Urban deer hunting works

Many of our surrounding cities have already permitted limited urban deer hunts within their city limits. Those measures were adopted with due consideration to safety and homeowner concerns. They've worked for several years, too.

So what can we learn from the current ordinances of our neighbors and how it has worked for them? The Durham City Council should ask that question instead of reinventing a local wheel that's already turning. Sending the recommendation back for evaluation and analysis is ducking the issue. Woosies!

By the way, I have no dog in this fight.

Jeff Scharver


Invitation to cowards

To the two cowards who beat the 80-year-old World War II vet to death, I would like to personally extend an invitation for you to attend our military reunion in Texas at the end of September.

So many of us would love to meet you.

Danny Johnson