Letters to the editor

Aug. 25, 2013 @ 11:27 AM

Happy Tea Party out there

I would like to strongly disagree with Tom Campbell (Aug. 18)!  

The Tea Party I know consists of ordinary individuals who want less government -- a reformed tax code and a country that others use as a role model for the many freedoms we enjoy in the United States.  In other words, like you and me.

I have yet to meet a TP-er who is "mean spirited" or "anti" anything, unless it would be that which defiles or demeans the Constitution.  

They are fed up with the present federal administration, which can stretch the truth more than any other in my lifetime and the present slate are not accountable for any of the dastardly (look it up) things that they do.

FYI, they do indeed speak for the majority of North Carolina’s voters and they do not have to use "tactics" of any kind to get their message across. And I, like so many others, am happy that they are out there to speak for me and give me a voice. 

Their peaceful protest is poetry in motion and you feel proud that they believe in our country as I do. 

I just wish I were young enough to help them in their quest.

Dorothy Efland



Civics courses and voting

What was the rationale for eliminating a civics course as part of the Voter ID bill?

One story was that it registered tens of thousands each year. Nothing could be further from the truth, but would that be illegal?

In my school, students taking civics were about 15 and could not register until they were 18. Simple, straightforward announcements were put in the bulletin, telling them they could register in the Media Center when they turned 18. 

The course had nothing directly to do with registering students. This course was to study the U. S. Constitution and citizens’ rights, duties and responsibilities.  I thought we were to encourage students to study and engage in the political process and yes, register to vote. How does one interpret what our state legislature did? Are we to assume they want the populace to be ignorant of rights and duties as U.S. citizens?

Also, if N.C. drivers must renew their licenses every five to six years, then for those who have no licenses, are they to submit to new photo IDs during a certain period? Why don’t we just ask for absentee ballots, then we would not have to stand in lines or have photo IDs. 

The paper (Aug. 18) reported voter fraud was “rampant and undetected,” according to a source in favor of the new law. If it was rampant, why was it undetected? How many cases of voter fraud were prosecuted in North Carolina in the past 50 years?

Yvonne Wilkins