Letters to the editor

Aug. 23, 2013 @ 01:38 PM

Show support for teachers

In an era when our state elected officials are devaluing educators, it’s important to remember that good teachers are the heart and soul of a quality public education system.

I reject the suggestion by our state elected officials that teachers are the problem with public education. I believe that teachers are the solution for improving and strengthening our public education system. There is absolutely no doubt that the success of any public school is directly related to the quality of the teachers and the teacher retention rate in that school. Teacher retention and teacher quality are directly related to increased student achievement. Research tells us that teacher quality is the one single consistent indicator that positively impacts student achievement.

Unfortunately, our legislators are doing everything they can to demoralize our teachers and to discourage young people from entering the teaching profession. Teaching is a sacred and noble calling. Each day our teachers work with our most precious resource, our children. Our teachers touch the lives of our children in countless positive ways. Therefore, I will be following Steve Unruhe's lead and I will be wearing red each Wednesday to show my support for the North Carolina Public Schools and the teachers in our public school system.

I urge everyone who cares about public education to join us and wear red each Wednesday.

Carl W. Forsyth II


Managing director, Voyager Academy Charter Schools

All should wear red

I read Steve Unruhe's recent open letter, "A teacher explains why he'll be wearing red." I've known Steve for years. He taught two of my children. He is a very fine person.
We should all be concerned about what has been done to our public schools and our teachers, whether or not we have school-aged or soon to be school-aged children, because in the long run, our local economy and the quality of our community depend upon the quality of our public schools.
Everyone should read Steve's letter. We should all wear red.

Robert G. Harrison


Holder’s alibi

I heard about the gun running operation from North Carolina to New York City.

Attorney General Eric Holder was not involved.  He has an air-tight alibi.  He was occupied running guns to Mexico at the time.

Alan Culton