Letters to the editor

Aug. 22, 2013 @ 02:31 PM

Tearing at our fabric

A right is entitlement, whereas a privilege is permission.  The U.S. Constitution itself does not address voting rights or any other rights, but its amendments do.  The 14th and 15th amendments refer to voting as a right, not a privilege.  Are those amendments any less a part of the Constitution than the first ten amendments?

A Constitutional Convention delegate from Pennsylvania, James Wilson, summed up the authors’ thoughts on the subject saying, "The right to suffrage is fundamental to a republic."

The cornerstone of our nation's foundations is in its Constitution's opening words, "We the People," not just rich and powerful people, people at large.  If we are a government of the people, for the people and by the people, how can we not guarantee the voice (vote) of the people?

Did we ask permission to be born in the United States?  It is the basic requirement to vote.  Treating suffrage as a privilege, will deny some born here, of legal age and no criminal their vote, which tears at the American fabric.

Terry Turner


A few opinions

I’d like to share a few opinions with my fellow readers: 

First, it is not appropriate to deny that voting is truly a privilege guaranteed  to every legitimate citizen of the United States. Without doubt, and without exception, it is our right to exercise that privilege.  So, voting is a right guaranteed every time we exercise the privilege to vote. Is it a right? Yes! Is it a privilege? Most  certainly!  Stop with the semantics, already!

Last Sunday, at church, I was approached by a friend in one of those  mobilized wheel chairs. (He’s one of the few who read my Letters to the Editor.)  He asked for a favor: “Please write the Editor and mention a problem I have encountered”.  He went on to say that according to the “American Disability Act” sidewalks are to have ramps to provide appropriate access but that egress is just as important as access. It seems that some of the constructed sidewalks end without any means to egress. He informed me, “I have no way to get off!” City officials, please take note!

It appears that many of the helpless citizens of Syria are looking to the U.S. for some assistance/protection from being killed by poisoned chemical saturation. Well, I’m sorry to say that just like the Iranians who once looked for our help – you will have to wait a long time before this Administration steps up, they lead from behind.

Ernie Wendell


Hospital rates handy

Finally, some good news coming from Gov. Pat McCrory’s desk!

Hospitals will now be required to post prices on 140 common services and procedures online.

This will come in handy on the way to the emergency room. If we don't like the price quote glaring from our smartphones, we can make a U-turn going 75 mph. Or if we still can’t find a rate that won’t put us in the poorhouse, maybe we can convince our gallbladders and appendixes not to explode.

Lou Meyers