Letters to the editor

Aug. 20, 2013 @ 07:15 PM

Which comes first?

The Article on page 9 of today’s paper is entitled “As price of college rises, so does federal aid.” The article implies that because college costs are rising, federal aid is increasing.

There is another school of thought on this. Because the federal aid is increasing, the colleges feel it is okay to raise their costs. If the loans were not available, how many think the costs would go up by the amount they are rising?

The big question is which comes first. But a bigger question is whether the federal government should be in the business of making education loans in the first place.

Robert H. Appleby



Don’t cast sister city out

There is a petition circulating online advocating that Durham disengage from our sister city Kostroma in Russia because of recent homophobic laws and state-sanctioned anti-LGBT behavior in that country.

While I find these recent policies enacted in Russia abhorrent and contrary to our definition of human rights (although, sadly, some in the North Carolina Legislature would love to kowtow to Putin on this), I still believe in the Sister Cities program.

Because Durham and Kostroma are sister cities, as siblings, we should engage Kostroma on this very important issue and not cast them out. This is an opportunity for dialog and a chance for Durham as a role model for human rights.

Please do not sign this petition. If you are involved in the sister cities dialog with Kostroma, please tell our friends there that marginalizing their LGBT citizens is a very bad idea. Cities are the apex of human civilization, enterprise and culture. When we start creating outcasts based on our outward differences, we begin the downward slide towards anarchy and barbarism. Please tell Kostroma we are all God's children and to stop the hating.

Tony Madejczyk