Letters to the Editor, March 26

Mar. 25, 2014 @ 07:43 AM

Peace through strength

We are living in perilous times.  We have adversaries, such as Russia, openly taking over sovereign nations, Georgia in 2008 and now Crimea. 

It was revealed recently by former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson that Russia tried to crash the dollar so the U.S. economy would fall.  We have weak leadership that does not recognize the vacuum resulting from the breakup of the former Soviet Union is being filled with Russian leaders who are amassing power.  They also have stated the breakup was a mistake and are setting its course to rectify that mistake. 

In 1933 Russia succeeded in annihilating over seven million Ukrainian citizens by starving them.  They raided their agricultural fields and confiscated their personal food supplies house by house.

What to do?  Elect strong conservative leaders this November, leaders that will reduce our debt, making our dollar more resistant to foreign attacks. Immediately send arms to Ukraine and defensive missiles to Poland and Czechoslovakia.   Develop more of our natural resources such as natural gas which can be exported to Europe, sending a clear message to Putin that he can’t hold Europe hostage by threatening to cut off the pipeline to Europe.  Peace through strength is the solution to Putin’s aggression.

Wallace Chambers


Even larger prize

Duke’s basketball season looked good. When Jabari Parker joined the team it looked even better.

Then along came a team from a small college named Mercer that had five seniors that valued the degree enough to stay in school, and make the NCAA tournament. I remember the Duke teams that won the NCAA championships and others that came close. They mostly had players like Grant Hill who stayed until they won the "big prize in basketball" and an even larger prize in life.

M. M. Way


Coach K’s foot-in-mouth

In his state of frustration after a defeat by the University of Virginia in the ACC Tournament, Coach Mike Krzyzewski made some utterly boneheaded and contentious remarks, among them that the Atlantic 10 did not deserve six teams in the NCAA tournament, as well as presumptuous comments about Virginia Commonwealth University and Coach Shaka Smart.

Coach Smart then took Coack K to task by taking the high ground with his comments, making Coach K look like a whiny and sorry losing child.

I might add that in head-on competition this past season, the total reads Atlantic 10 8 wins and the ACC 6 wins, so Coach K also failed his homework assignment.

Finally, after the embarrassing defeat by Mercer, coach got what he deserved for his foot- in-mouth malady.

William Snider

Deltaville, Virginia