Letters to the Editor, March 25

Mar. 24, 2014 @ 02:35 PM

Confused by writer’s ‘skepticism’

I am confused by what Dr. Ralph Heinz means by “much skepticism” when talking about climate change in his recent letter, “Man-made global warming.”

Actually, 97 percent of scientists agree that climate change is being caused by human activities and warn that without major reductions in carbon pollution, extreme weather will become even more frequent and severe. This means our children will be the ones to bear the cost of our continued inaction and arguing today.  

Luckily, some in Washington understand that we must act now to reduce the impacts of climate change. President Barack Obama proposed his Climate Action Plan last June and already, the EPA is working to limit the carbon pollution that comes from power plants, America’s largest single source of carbon pollution. Just two weeks ago, Sen. Kay Hagan spoke on the Senate floor about the effects of climate change on our state and the importance of climate solutions.

I am thankful that our president and senator are working towards solutions and are not distracted by faulty science or industry talking points.

Graham Givens 


Study needs facts, not misinformation

As a board member of the N.C. League of Women Voters with a long career in the financing of healthcare, I was chagrined by both the tone and the content of the information presented by Chris Conover to the Joint Study Commission on the Affordable Care Act last week in Raleigh.  If the four co-chairs of the so-called ‘Study Group’ were trying to defend their anti-ACA stance, then inviting Conover to present an overview of the ACA was understandable.  If instead their intent was to educate the legislators and the audience about the ACA, which should be their intent, then they failed dismally.

Conover’s presentation couldn’t have been more anti-ACA, more slanted and frankly more off target from a factual perspective. By making an offhand and derogatory mention of Sandra Fluke, and by prefacing his remarks with the suggestion that the initial ‘A’ in ACA should stand for ‘Abominable,’ Conover was intentionally inflammatory.

I am horrified that this is what passes for “study” content and that this is the way our legislators get their information. Informing legislators who are responsible for making critical decisions about the healthcare services available to North Carolinians should be grounded in facts and substantive analysis, not intentional misinformation and rhetoric.  With over 200,000 North Carolinians already enrolled in marketplace plans, it is clear that the ACA is here to stay and that our legislators should get with the program.

Janet Hoy

Chapel Hill

Coach K’s foot-in-mouth

In his state of frustration after a defeat by the University of Virginia in the ACC Tournament, Coach Mike Krzyzewski made some utterly boneheaded and contentious remarks, among them that the Atlantic 10 did not deserve six teams in the NCAA tournament, as well as presumptuous comments about Virginia Commonwealth University and Coach Shaka Smart.

Coach Smart then took Coack K to task by taking the high ground with his comments, making Coach K look like a whiny and sorry losing child.

I might add that in head-on competition this past season, the total reads Atlantic 10 8 wins and the ACC 6 wins, so Coach K also failed his homework assignment.

Finally, after the embarrassing defeat by Mercer, coach got what he deserved for his foot- in-mouth malady.

William Snider

Deltaville, Virginia