Letters to the Editor, Dec. 2

Dec. 01, 2013 @ 02:06 PM

What’s wrong with America

This letter may be a little late because the mainstream media didn't give it the attention the gave to the false accusations of three Duke students of rape. Nonetheless it appears that justice, although it took the death of another human being, finally caught up to Crystal Mangum. Unfortunately the 88 liberal Duke professors who jumped to conclusions have not been excoriated, but then why would they?  They probably teach their classes without attribution also.

The big television networks -- ABC, CBS, and NBC -- and the liberal MSNBC and NPR did not report on Mangum’s murder conviction. The difference in coverage is noteworthy:  160 stories vs. 3 stories in the first five days of each event. That’s a ratio of 53 to 1, and a difference in coverage of 5,233 percent.

The television news industry (and NPR) gave 5,233 percent more coverage to the dubious allegations against the three lacrosse players -- which were proven to be completely false and politically charged -- than they gave the jury-tried murder conviction of Mangum, the false accuser.

Now that Mangum , who ruined three lives with her lies has been found guilty of murdering her boyfriend, and sentenced to 14 years in prison, I was hoping the 88 lunatic-left professors who took a full-page ad condemning those young men have taken a full-page ad apologizing and condemning Crystal. My thought about that: no way.

I can express what is wrong with America in five small words, white liberals and black liberals.
Sal Reale
Seminole, Fla.