Letters, Jan. 3

Jan. 02, 2013 @ 05:47 PM

Tools of carnage

A very interesting letter from Mike Ellis in the Dec. 25 edition of The Herald-Sun regarding the Newtown tragedy and Second Amendment rights.

As a man who spent more than 20 of his adult years in the profession of arms, I am always struck by the Second Amendment absolutists who tend to skip the operant phrase, “A well regulated militia,” when quoting the amendment. Despite the twisted reasoning of Anthony Scalia, the amendment does not give license to all citizens to carry these weapons whenever and wherever they wish.

These tools of carnage must be put back under control.

Paul D. Naylor, Major, U.S. Army (retired)


Fracking a risk to needed water

John Mayo clearly outlines risks of fracking in his excellent letter on Dec. 11, but one thing he mentioned but did not clearly point out was that the water used in this process is a true risk to the amount of water we have in this state.

Has anyone forgotten that this state is perpetually in drought? Even if you don't factor in the risks of contamination, the water alone is a reason to consider other forms of energy for our state.

Clearly put, fracking will use much of our water - water we need for drinking in this state.

Susan Leggett

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