Letters to the editor

Jan. 16, 2013 @ 12:58 PM

Incitement of assassination

While it's clear there are a significant number of people who have what to me is an irrational dislike, even hatred, of President Barack Obama, James Bradley Smith has stepped WAY over the line in his rambling letter/rant published in The Herald-Sun Jan. 14. 

It's tempting to ignore such hateful nonsense, but in that letter he has explicitly incited the assassination of the President of the United States (as well as other unnamed politicians).  This is not only outrageous and unacceptable, but is likely to be a chargeable offense.  Beyond that, while I appreciate The Herald-Sun's practice of publishing a wide spectrum of opinions in the Letters column, letters inciting the murder of the President are clearly beyond reason to be published.

I am very sorry to see this has happened and hope the editor will feel the need to apologize for this lapse in judgement. Mr. Smith would seem to be beyond any such appeal to reason.

Richard A. Palmer


Where’s equality?

Our government allows Mormons to practice illegal polygamy and have multiple wives, yet prohibits homosexual persons from having a legal marriage.

The God that I serve is a God of love – agapé or God-type unconditional love. It is up to each individual to communicate with, and get themselves in right standing with our Creator, under spiritual law.

Our government was set up to serve individuals with equality under secular law. It must serve persons of many religions and sects, and atheists as well.

If homosexual persons cannot have a legal marriage with its various protections, then Mormons should not be able to practice illegal polygamy with multiple wives and children. Currently, neither has the protections of marriage.

Where is the equality?

Mary Ann Mills


The real threat

I read with great concern Jamie Huff's remarks about the Second Amendment.

He cites events in the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and Communist China and has the audacity to compare these dictatorships to America.

Since when do we compare America to anybody? America's place in history is unique, our republic elects its leaders and we have never had any dictators (except for King George III) and never will. (Unless, of course, you're in that crowd that despises Lincoln.)

I want to ask "freedom loving" gunners where were they when Congress passed recent Homeland Security bills? Did you know you can be picked up, no due process, no notice to your family, and kept in custody if the U.S. government thinks you're a terrorist? Real threat to our freedoms is not the common-sense legislation passed in New York in response to the Sandy Hook tragedy, it's when we're too busy polishing our guns and listening to Fox News instead.

I agree with retired Army General McChrystal that law-abiding citizens do not need killing machines like the AR-15 and now, as the law says in New York, magazines holding more than 7 bullets.

"A well-regulated militia" is not one that kills first-graders and their teachers.

Tony Madejczyk