Letters to the Editor, Dec. 9

Dec. 08, 2013 @ 11:20 AM

What we should worry about

The only thing “astoundingly foolish” about me is that I worked as a teacher in one of the most perilous, under-paid professional positions in this country, nurturing, educating and supporting latchkey kids who were in the DJJ system with no hope for a future. These were the kids that everyone wanted warehoused and out of the “regular” classroom. That is the damage Mr. Huff needs to worry about -- their future will be on our streets.

It would take a treatise over 500 pages long to discern who I think has served this country honorably and effectively as a president. That was not my intent, and I have been voting for the past 42 years.

If I were to give an opinion on the reign of George W. Bush, it would speak volumes about his ineffective leadership, micro-management and passivity during wartime. It was his blatant refusal to deal with health care reform that has led to Obamacare.

NCLB touted wonderful pedagogies -- but maybe now you should look at all of the tenured teachers leaving the field because they cannot support their families or pay their mortgages due to the lack of appreciation and salaries commensurate with the task. And you'd better pray real hard that someone devotes enough funding, training and incentives to help retain the teachers that are trying to keep more criminals off the streets.

Tanya Wilson


Peace, rather than war

An attempt to have John Heuer enter the Yanceyville Christmas Parade with his Veterans for Peace flag didn't work; he had promised Sue they would go Christmas shopping. Jokingly, I assured him I would get my wish list to him before Saturday.

Seriously, I want another year like 2013, with the world working together toward peaceful solutions.  I knew John, having dedicated his entire adult life for peace, would gladly support my mission.

In 2013, major countries have come together to negotiate peace, rather than war.  Rotary International held three Peace Forums in Berlin, Honolulu and Hiroshima.  My daughter Linda and I attended the one in Hiroshima; there were 2,600 delegates representing 56 countries.

Recent polls show Americans want to stop war and the world seems war-weary.  A letter from my American Legion Post 447 tells a sad story, but an encouraging message for peace.  Money is short, renewals are coming in slowly and younger veterans are not joining.  

I have fond memories as commander, Saturday night dances and camaraderie with my World War II veterans. However, I'd cash in all war memorials for peace.

The naysayers will always be with us.  They may never open a Bible;  they can quote the Scripture verbatim, "There will be wars and rumors of wars."

Our answers must be, "We have had the wars; let's enjoy our Creator's perfect world and share it with our neighbors."

Samuel H. Winstead