Letters, Dec. 24

Dec. 24, 2012 @ 06:20 AM

First, help close to home

I am sick and tired of these “do-good” organizations constantly begging for money to send to foreign countries. They want to eradicate malaria in Africa; they want to remove cervical cancer from Haiti. What’s wrong with keeping these monies in the United States and eradicating the problems here? What’s wrong with eradicating breast cancer? What’s wrong with removing diabetes from our populace? What’s wrong with eliminating poverty here at home? What’s wrong with removing homelessness from the scene?

If all the money we are sending overseas were funneled back into our country, we could eliminate these problems. What’s wrong with cleaning up our own problems before we try to solve the problems of other countries? I believe we are to take care of our own before we try to clean up someone else’s problems. How can we tell other countries what to do when we can’t even solve our own problems?

It is time America came first! Let’s solve our problems first and then we are in a position to help others.

E. Al Roberts


Not a gun control issue

In response to Lee Nelson’s letter “Gun control in America”:

I too am for gun control in America, but lets face it, it will never happen. The horrible incident that happened in Newport, Conn., was not a gun control issue. The guns were legally purchased and registered as required by law. No, this issue is way deeper than gun control, and it is sad to say but there is nothing President Obama, any mother, father, grandparent, sister or brother can do to prevent situations like this from happening.

If one of the school office staff personnel had access to a weapon, that shooter could have been stopped before he caused a great deal of pain to a lot of people. Or even if there had been an armed security guard on site there may have not been as many of casualties. The only way to stop someone with a weapon is with a weapon.

This did not happen because of lack of gun control, this happened because someone failed Adam. He was seriously sick, but no one knew how to help him. There were people who knew he was not well. What person in their right mind would take a mentally ill person to a gun range a show them how to handle a weapon capable of mass destruction, or any weapon for that matter?

No, you cannot blame the NRA for this. This happened because of a problem that people chose to ignore, and pretend it was not there, not because of lack of gun control.

Leigh Webb

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