Letters to the editor

Jul. 05, 2013 @ 03:33 PM

Whittling away at our rights

Americans value their freedom.  Freedom - the  word is bandied around until it is almost meaningless. It used to mean freedom to exercise our constitutional rights – to vote, to speak out, to practice our religion, not to have others’ religion forced upon us.  Our state legislature is whittling away at these rights and freedoms. They have restricted:

-- Our right to vote.

-- The right of local government to build the community they want

-- Our right to seek abortion.

They name this last bill “Family, Faith and Freedom.”  Whose faith? Whose freedom? Not mine! Ironically, they tacked this on to a bill to prevent Sharia law prevailing in our state (another nonproblem solved!). Sharia imposes extreme Islamic law on people regardless of their beliefs. The Family, Faith and Freedom Bill imposes extreme conservative law on citizens regardless of their beliefs. Good, moral people differ here. Don’t like abortion? Don’t have one! Millions of women who believe in the right never exercise it. And, any clinic knows, thousands who don’t believe in that right exercise it when they need to .

Legislators show profound ignorance of modern medicine in passing this law “to protect the safety of abortion.” Abortion is safe, far safer than childbirth. Illegal abortion, though, is not always safe – and this is what our legislature will drive us toward if this bill becomes law.

Remind our governor of his campaign promise not to permit further abortion limitations.  His phone number is  919-814-2000 or send him a tweet.

Judith Fortney