Letters to the editor

Jul. 02, 2013 @ 12:20 PM

Faulty math can ruin North Carolina

State senators used extremely faulty math and exaggerated data in crafting the original SB 76, The Domestic Energy Job Act (fracking) Bill. and explaining the benefits, allowing for an unsafe version of this bill to pass the Senate . These Senators must now be held accountable.

Senators exaggerated how much fracking would positively impact our economy, indicating the largest fracking states averaged percent unemployment and North Dakota averaged 3.3 percent compared to NC’s current rate of 8.9 percent. They claimed “this is what NC needs” and the Senate voted down the safer House Substitute Bill.

A comprehensive government report (DENR Executive Summary, April 12, 2012) stated the Department of Commerce “estimates drilling activities in the Sanford sub‐basin would sustain an average of 387 jobs per annum over the seven‐year time period….”

With 4.7 million North Carolinians in the workforce, 387 additional jobs represent a .0082 percent increase in new direct jobs, most for experienced out-of-state workers. Even if every direct job created an additional indirect job, that represents only a .016 percent employment increase.  These job numbers make almost no impact to North Carolina unemployment figures.  Do the math.

North Carolina has much less separation between groundwater used for drinking and the gas‐producing shale than other gas‐producing states, especially near Jordan Lake Reservoir (major source of drinking water for the Triangle), so drinking water contamination due to fracking fluids with toxic chemicals is inevitable.

High risk, low reward!

Charles Ritter


Tillis’ ‘level of contempt’

I just love the level of contempt Thom Tillis has shown his fellow North Carolinians from his cozy fortress at the Legislative Building in Raleigh. Didn't he swear on a Holy Bible to serve all the citizens of this state? Or did he swear to only serve the most privileged, white, male and fortunate?

Tillis is not U.S. Senate material, in spite of the low caliber of talent that now resides in Washington from the other 49 states.

Tillis and his radical right-wing agenda are being addressed by each Moral Monday, which I have attended and will continue to do so. I'm a "moron," Thom? Really? Is that the best you can do? Do you need to see some I.D. to prove I'm not an "outsider," too?

Tillis and Pat McCrory claim to be "sensible" "business" "leaders" who only want to bring prosperity to our state. How does that work when all they've done is make us the laughingstock of the nation -- and the world? How does denying people their right to vote encourage investment? What corporation wants to relocate to a state that punishes the poor by shoving aside Medicaid and unemployment benefit dollars that we sent to Washington?

Gentlemen, please put us back on a moderate, pragmatic path of governance and stop generating comparisons to George Wallace and Paula Dean's antebellum South.

Tony Madejczyk


Explain your thinking

I invite Gabe Eng-Goetz to explain his thinking when creating (and, one assumes, profiting) from the t-shirt "I'd rather be shot in Durham than die of boredom in Cary," to Brenda James over lunch.

In fact, I'll buy.

Anneliese Kellner