Letters to the editor

Feb. 13, 2013 @ 01:17 PM

Thanks for CPR story

Beth Velliquette’s story about the woman who dropped dead and lived to tell about it was eerily familiar to me.

I, too, suffered a cardiac arrest at work on October 22, 2012. Fortunately for me, someone in the cubicle across the aisle from me heard strange breathing and came over to check on me. I was face-down on the floor (I still have a knot on my forehead). He got help and, thankfully, here at Goodwill Industries of Eastern North Carolina, we have a number of employees who have been certified, by trainers in the company, to do CPR.

I was put into the cold-induced coma at Duke Hospital and woke up about a week later. I, too, have a pacemaker/defibrillator in my chest but since doctors have identified what caused my incident, I hope it will never have to shock me.

The doctors at Duke were very impressed that Goodwill has CPR training for people at the corporate office as well as in its retail stores. I feel like the poster child for CPR now and I encourage companies to make sure that they are prepared to help employees who might face this type of emergency. Thank you for your story and for raising awareness.

Becky Lytle, volunteer coordinator

Goodwill Industries of Eastern North Carolina


Enjoying Offen

I always enjoy reading Neal Offen's columns.

Paula Ecklund


Keep Offen

One of the Letters to the Editor in Monday’s Herald-Sun was written by Robert Fogel. 

In it, he questioned your reasons for employing Neil Offen.  I would pose the same question if I only read  Offen's curmudgeonly complaints (on the front page, no less!) which only serve to belittle him. 

However, I have found that any serious article he writes shows decent journalistic skills, thus justifying his employment in my humble opinion.

Victoria Neunert

Chapel Hill

Climate change hoax

Russell Seaman’s recent letter implies manmade CO2 alone causes global warming, so perhaps he can answer one simple question: Has the Earth ever been as warm when CO2 content was significantly lower than the current 390 ppm level?

In 1000 AD temperatures were high while CO2 Content was only 290 ppm. Greenland was warm, habitable and green and agriculture thrived during that period in Northern Europe.

Historically significant climate variations have occured with the Medieval Warm Period centered at 1000 AD followed some 700 years later by the Little Ice Age. The Earth has been warming ever since.

Seaman’s claim of acidic oceans is disingenuous since the ocean pH is around 8.1 while pH bBelow 7.0 is acidic!

Among the CO2 perils, how did Seaman miss the extinction of the polar bear? Oh, I forgot, the bear population today is four times that in 1965.

Water vapor and methane comprise some 95 percent of the greenhouse gas effect. Other natural fluctuations including earth’s orbital variations, solar radiation changes, infinitely variable water and air circulation patterns and cloud cover contribute to climate variations.

The EPA is about to install many regulations regarding the use of cheap coal since CO2 has been declared a pollutant. This bypasses the regulatory authority of Congress and will increase the cost of electricity significantly to no avail.

There are big consequences to this hoax so recognize it for what it is!

Harry Phipps