Letters to the editor

Feb. 09, 2013 @ 01:39 PM

Sequestration – a wish list

Recently I heard a radio show discussing potential effects of sequestration on the U.S. military.  It sounded to me like a wish list:  fewer bases around the world (the number of US bases outside the continental United States appears to vary among sources, oddly enough, but likely exceeds 1,000), fewer drones, fewer aircraft carriers in foreign waters.  In short, the U.S. would become more like a country and less like the empire we have become. 

As an empire, we struggle with ending poverty and unemployment, cuts to education and health insurance and lack of investment in modern infrastructure and clean energy.  European countries that are not empires, nor wish to be, are miles ahead of us in all these areas. 

Why must we spend so much on so-called “defense”?  Why do we need bases all over the world?  Why are we obsessed with dictating policy to other countries?  Defense of our own country is reasonable, but geography itself favors that – we have little to fear from Canada or Mexico – and we can be secure for a fraction of what we currently spend.  In fact, more secure, as we would enjoy far greater international goodwill if we would stop supporting the “defense” industry with money better used to improve lives here at home. 

Joan F. Walsh


Are writers, producers accountable?

I don’t watch a lot of television – I’m a Downton Abbey fan. 

However, since I’d heard some of the hype and had watched Jack Bauer rid the world of crime for several years, I decided to watch an episode of “The Following”.  It was then that I decided that I am very happy that I don’t watch much television. 

My husband and I only made it through half of the program and decided we couldn’t be part of glorifying pure evil by watching it to the end.   Is this is what it takes to entertain our culture, serial killers? Is there nothing that holds writers/producers accountable?  How can we expect anyone, stable or unstable, to be any better than what they are seeing and interpreting as real life on shows such as this?

 Remember the Bible verse which says you reap what you sow?  Unfortunately, if we continue to promote this type of entertainment, I’m afraid that Newtown may just be one of many incidents to come.

Karen Wilson